Why do I get so annoyed with my gf?

Basically she does a lot of things that starts to irritate me very badly now and as soon as she does one single thing that I kinda don't like recently I don't want to talk to her anymore. She dresses slutty and I had no problem with it but now I do and it gets annoying because were in a long distance right now its like she wants atttention so she dresses like that. Basically she craves attention and says on thing and always does the other like shell help me study, and I tell her before she commits that if she can't she doesn't have to and she says she can... 30 minutes into it she hasn't helped at all because she's talking to her friends and then she has to leave. After going through this for months and months I my patience is so slim I just don't feel like talking to her then she complains that I don't want to talk to her. I feel like I have a lot of built up anger


Most Helpful Girl

  • She is dressing the same way she did when you met her and fell for her. You are asking her to change for you. It's not that SHE wants new or extra attention, it's that you are feeling insecure about attention that she may or may not be getting while you're not with her.

    If she has problems with timing like that, call her on it and tell her that you want her to set her clock to the time she's dedicated to you. She has to show some specific interest in you if you're going to stick around. As far as relying on her for tutoring... I'd just go find the hottest possible tutor and let her know that you're getting your academic assistance from somewhere else. Describe the girl as "okay looking" and show a picture of this really hot girl who is tutoring you. This one will automatically start trying to shape up.

    If she's not making time for you, she's not your girlfriend. If she's acting like a busy little diva when she's supposed to be with you, go find someone else to pay attention to you. My granny always used to say that when a brat acts out (for attention) the best thing to do is ignore him/her completely.

    The slutty thing... man, you picked her; that's just her style. If you don't like it, you need to move on.