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Why do I get so annoyed with my gf?

Basically she does a lot of things that starts to irritate me very badly now and as soon as she does one single thing that I kinda don't like... Show More

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  • She is dressing the same way she did when you met her and fell for her. You are asking her to change for you. It's not that SHE wants new or extra attention, it's that you are feeling insecure about attention that she may or may not be getting while you're not with her.

    If she has problems with timing like that, call her on it and tell her that you want her to set her clock to the time she's dedicated to you. She has to show some specific interest in you if you're going to stick around. As far as relying on her for tutoring... I'd just go find the hottest possible tutor and let her know that you're getting your academic assistance from somewhere else. Describe the girl as "okay looking" and show a picture of this really hot girl who is tutoring you. This one will automatically start trying to shape up.

    If she's not making time for you, she's not your girlfriend. If she's acting like a busy little diva when she's supposed to be with you, go find someone else to pay attention to you. My granny always used to say that when a brat acts out (for attention) the best thing to do is ignore him/her completely.

    The slutty thing... man, you picked her; that's just her style. If you don't like it, you need to move on.

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  • Maybe you are spending too much time with her and need a break or some space. Try that out and see if it helps. If not, then maybe you should break up with her. She might just annoy you and maybe you're not right for each other. Or you could be spending too much time with each other and you're angry because you are holding in your true feelings.

  • She probably has no idea you feel this way. She needs to know. You need to talk to her and tell her what things are bothering you and give her a chance to change some of the things you dislike. Communication is the key to sucess in all types of relationships. I have learned that lesson the hard way.

  • This obviously isn't working out for you, and if you've been unable to communicate your needs with her for whatever reason thus far, your long distance relationship will continue to flounder. You should probably break up with her.

  • If small things (like the fact that she dresses exactly the same way as she did when you first met her & started dating) are setting you off you've got some issues that go way beyond her fashion sense. Also, I don't know if you're aware of it, but you're being very controlling, wanting her to change the way she dresses (& has dressed for a long time) simply because you don't like it anymore.

  • I think you should break up with her. Dating relationships are meant to be enjoyed and well, sounds like you aren't enjoying this. And it also sounds like you guys are now on completely different wave lengths.

  • Talk to her about it. Please talk to her about it. Have you spoken to her about all this? She may not know that she's annoying you! She may like you a lot and she may be willing to work on these issues! There could be reasons behind what she's doing, I think you just have to clear the air, then maybe your anger will just fizzle down. :)

  • Your anger is built up because you're in a situation wherein you're helpless. :\ You're helpless because you can't see nor feel that your girlfriend is doing something to make your relationship work anymore, and blames you for not talking to her while she never reflected why you'd do such.

  • I think that you need to tell her this, maybe not in those exact words be open and honest about your frustrations, and go from there. If you talk it out, and nothing changes, or your find new annoyances, it might be time to considering leaving the relationship or at least taking time apart. After the excitement is gone and you learn more about who the person really is, you may not like it, it happens but continueing to try and make it work if you really are that bothered will only create bigger problems for both of you.

  • Usually this is because you've spent TOO much time together... but in your case it seems to be not enough...

    Second of all, what are you calling slutty? Skirts and tank tops? Shorts? If you can't see her panties or most of her boobs, it's not slutty.. it's only slutty if everyone is seeing her nips and her baby chute.

    What you need to do is get over how she's dressing unless she's showing things a bikini is supposed to cover. Cause if those areas are hidden, you're just being jealous and controlling and very unreasonable.

    Second of all.. tell her when you're together to put her phone on vibrate, do the same with yours and the ONLY calls or texts you answer are from your parents. Since I'm guessing you don't spend much time together, ASK her to give her attention fully to you for the short time you are together. Don't spend all of it studying either. Talk to her, ask her about her day...tell her about yours...kiss on her, hold her.. make her feel like you're happy to see her.

    I know you think it's hard to do.. especially since you're so on edge..

    but I felt the same way about my boyfriend. He lives with me so we're together ALL the time. I finally would start SENDING him off with his friends because I was so angry with him. I hated it. I nearly broke up with him over the stupidest things...that normally didn't effect me...but suddenly were..

    I would send him off, and I would still be irritated with him...but no matter what I made time for sex and cuddling because those things are important...if you don't get some touching in..it won't be a very happy relationship. You need physical affection..

    Any questions I'll continue to answer in comments :)

    • the thing is, she didn't dress as revealing as she does now. Before we went out, she would dress decently, but now that we've been going out for more than 8 months, I don't get why she feels the need to bump her boobs and make them look a lot bigger than what they are, and have half of the showing out her shirt and show off her butt and stuff when she knows she has a boyfriend and she claims to be the only one in the relationship that cares and tries. She dresses as if she's trying to pick up guys

    • I didn't wear skirts until after I met my boyfriend.. Now I wear shorts and aeropostale skirts. I used to ONLY wear jeans and tees. Now that I am with my boyfriend I feel attractive enough to wear those things. I want to look attractive all the time because he makes me feel like I can look good in those things.. when he is or isn't around. He never complains about my clothes. He knows I'd never leave him. I remind him all the time he's the only guy I see. Clothes are clothes. You're over thinking

  • I think you should talk to her,speak out your unpleasant things, only communication can solve the problem.

  • Has the relationship been going on like 6-12 months? Congrats, you're out of the infatuation stage where everything's peachy and perfect. Now you're in the disillusionment stage where your partner isn't as great as you think they are. This is where the majority of relationships fall apart.

  • Sounds like you two are just growing apart. There comes a time in a relationship where people get comfortable with each other and those qualities that you used to view as 'cute', can annoy the crap out of you now. This is natural progression in a relationship but you sound more irritated than that. For whatever reason, you are growing resentmentful toward her. This is an issue that must be adressed. If you do not deal with your resentment, it will build and build until it can't be contained anymore and you will react in anger. That could get messy for your relationship. I think you need to figure out what about her triggers your resentment and talk to her about it, OR, break up. Maybe it is just getting to the end of your time together, your intuition will tell you. Deep down, you probably already know what you need to do, and you are just looking for clarification from some unbiased people's opinions.

  • It think that whenever someone expresses he or she wants his or her boyfriend or girlfriend to dress differently is because he/she actually wants to change him/her. My exboyfriend tried for so long to change the way I dressed and I really wanted to please him but then I realized he ehat he really wanted was for me to change, to be someone completely different, so we broke up after being together for 4 years

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  • Imo she is taking you for granted, but she may not be aware that she is doing such...at the same time you have to communicate that to her

    Small things turn into big things in relationships, I know this 1st hand.

    Talk about the small things that bother you, and ask her to talk about the small things that bother her, so you can squash those things and don't allow them to pressurize and explode.

    If you or her, can't talk about this small stuff, then y'all have to break up, because your relationship is volatile.

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