How do you imagine a depressed person to behave?

What would you expect them to be like?

And would you befriend them or date them?

Having suffered from this problem mysef I'm very curious to find out different opinions.


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  • A lot of depressed people can hide it well and appear to be fine so you can't really tell with some people.

    I would say the stereotypical depressed person would be someone who; never goes out, never laughs or smiles, always negative about everything, not a joy to be around, refuses help all the time and sometimes openly suicidal.

    I would want to befriend someone in need so I can help them, however, some people are so deep in depression, it's close to impossible for them to recover. You can help them as much as you want but they'll refuse it and not take in the advice. So I don't think I'd start a friendship with a depressed person, for the sake of my own sanity.

    I probably wouldn't date a depressed person. I've heard of people dating those who are depressed and it never lasts because the depressed person can start getting angry and upset with their partner a lot due to their emotional instability. It causes a lot of tension and arguments. Also, I want to be with a positive, motivated person who can make me a better person, not someone who's always negative and has practically given up on their life, their future and those around them. It's just not a nice atmosphere to be in personally.


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  • They all behave differently. For instance Conan O'Brien tells jokes while weeping, while Mitt Romney stares endlessly at the TV wearing the same "Magic Underwear" for months at a time.

  • There's no cookle cutter approach. Depressed people do learn to survive in society, and some are not recogtniable as depressed, since they are taking mood elevators which artifically overcome outward signs of depression. Only a trained therapist woud know such people are suffering from depression.

    And even then, only after some long interaction with the person involved.

    Still, over time, most drug therapy isn't consistently efective, so you will notice unexplainable modd swings beyond what would occcur in 'normal' daily life.

  • They're definitely not very outgoing or social and if by chance they are - they burn out of it very quickly

    They might have suffered a bad break-up and then they're either going to be very clingy and attach super-fast to anyone new OR become totally cold, aloof and emotionless

    They'll like to find excuses why NOT to do something, why not to go, why not to try, why it's pointless and so on

    They might not necessarily be suicidal but such thoughts torment them one and then

    Nobody got written on their foreheads are they depressed so I couldn't know it right away, but it's unlikely I'll befriend or date a girl like that 'coz it's very likely she's going to raise lots of walls and barriers

  • I'm depressed and I don't think anyone really knows. I always try and put on my best face for everyone. Laugh and joke, even though my jokes and stories suck. lol

    But when I'm alone or alone in my thoughts it's very easy for me to slip into sadness. I have always had a rough time relating with my peers.

  • I expect them to be very sad and have those mournful look on their face like tomorrow is just another day.


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  • I imagine them to be lifeless. Hats how my mom was. Nothing interested her and sage just didn't want to do anything

  • Depends if the person is younger like teens early adulthood they usually display anger aggresion and some withdraw. Older people are just usually mainly sad sometimes chaotic behavior. I've befriended depressed people and some of them had boyfriends/girlfriends.

  • I don't expect them to behave in any way. Although depression has a lot of similar characteristics between people it can also be very different for some. Also some people are better at hiding this from others.

  • Most people who suffer from severe depression are more numb than weepy. They don't get excited about much, they have sleeping issues (excessive sleeping or insomnia), they seem indifferent to most things.

    Someone who has manic depression will go up and down. Very high highs and dangerously low lows. Different from clinical depression.

  • Very very sad and sullen and also withdrawn

  • You can't tell unless your in that persons head and know what they feel like they could be the happiest person you ever met when you see them all the time & feel suicidal internally & everything out side can be just an act.