Do you know when a girl is being fake?

This is something that really bothers and confuses me.

I have two equally pretty friends (both are def above average attractiveness). But whenever we are around new people one gets more attention. This is because whenever we are out she suddenly turns very giggly and fake. For example if we are sitting down in a group and one of the girls talk to her she gives very short answers and shuns them, but if a guy talks to her she puts on this high voice and laughs a lot.

It is VERY obvious that she is putting on an act, like completely obvious but guys never seem to notice.

The other annoying thing is that she flirts A LOT with guys but admits its only to see if she is able to get them (which she always does) and I've seen guys who have fallen for it. When she finds out they like her she will avoid them and if she does see them, she is VERY rude and impolite and blanks them. She always thinks she can do better. I feel really sorry for the guys as they always seem very offended and embarrassed once they find out she never liked them.

The other girl, as I said before, is also pretty but she doesn't put on such an act. She isn't shy and still talks a lot and is very genuine. But guys never seem interested.

I was just wondering if Guys find it easy to spot a fake girl or do you find that behavior attractive..?. As I honestly do not understand this situation.

And Girls, do you any situations like this? does it confuse you too?



Most Helpful Guy

  • The genuine girl will likely be happier in the end, as will the guy whom she chooses to let into her life...the fake one...well...I'm not fond of fakes--they take too much energy and give me one hell of a headache.