Do you know when a girl is being fake?

This is something that really bothers and confuses me.

I have two equally pretty friends (both are def above average attractiveness). But whenever we are around new people one gets more attention. This is because whenever we are out she suddenly turns very giggly and fake. For example if we are sitting down in a group and one of the girls talk to her she gives very short answers and shuns them, but if a guy talks to her she puts on this high voice and laughs a lot.

It is VERY obvious that she is putting on an act, like completely obvious but guys never seem to notice.

The other annoying thing is that she flirts A LOT with guys but admits its only to see if she is able to get them (which she always does) and I've seen guys who have fallen for it. When she finds out they like her she will avoid them and if she does see them, she is VERY rude and impolite and blanks them. She always thinks she can do better. I feel really sorry for the guys as they always seem very offended and embarrassed once they find out she never liked them.

The other girl, as I said before, is also pretty but she doesn't put on such an act. She isn't shy and still talks a lot and is very genuine. But guys never seem interested.

I was just wondering if Guys find it easy to spot a fake girl or do you find that behavior attractive..?. As I honestly do not understand this situation.

And Girls, do you any situations like this? does it confuse you too?



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  • The genuine girl will likely be happier in the end, as will the guy whom she chooses to let into her life...the fake one...well...I'm not fond of fakes--they take too much energy and give me one hell of a headache.


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  • it depends on the guy..

    i'd say it depends on the experience of the guy.. and how naive or nice he is.. if he honestly believes that all women and people in general are like he is.. then he will believe that all people are honest and truthful.. don't put on acts.. don't act fake.. and don't behave in a way other than how they truly feel or to reflect exactly what's on their mind.. because he's direct.. he believes the rest of the world is too.. and this type of guy will not be able to tell that she is being fake.. and will fall right into her efforts to validate her insecurity and low self-esteem..

    the other guys who don't suffer from this.. can see right through it.. BUT will still go along with it.. they have the luxury of hiding behind the clueless and dumb male stereotype.. pretending they are falling for her act and totally unaware.. but they're CURIOUS to see just how far she's going to take it.. think of it like entertainment.. they want to see just how far she's going to push it.. just how far she's willing to go.. all while remaining emotionally uninvolved.. these guys are taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity to carefully examine and then analyze her technique and fake behavior.. so they can better recognize it and deal with it later on with a girl they are actually interested in..

    in the first case.. it's not the BEHAVIOR these men are attracted to.. it's the false information they're attracted to (the idea that she is also interested in them.. which of course she isn't)

    in the second case.. it's not the BEHAVIOR these men are attracted to.. but the opportunity to observe and analyze her technique and fake behavior.. and take away valuable information to be used in the future.. for someone they actually like.. so that they don't get emotionally manipulated and hurt..

    in either case.. even though your other "friend" isn't getting quite as much male attention.. she is more attractive..

    it's just that the first kind of guy.. naive as he may be.. is probably also truly clueless.. and doesn't understand when your second honest friend is really interested in him.. he needs direct communication.. which is just as likely to occur from women as someone turning water into wine.. so when he finds a girl who flirts with him and leads him on.. he honestly believes her.. as opposed to the girl who (in his eyes) is just sitting there and looking at him..

    the second kind of guy think.. I'm young.. this is the time to learn and build up my female bullsh*t/manipulation immune system for later on in life.. the honest girl has nothing valuable for me to learn.. this fake manipulative girl though is a goldmine! so he naturally uses her to observe her technique and take down mental notes.. so that he can later be able to appreciate the difference between a more honest woman.. and a less honest one..

  • yes, we do get to know if a girl is faking it...but the flip side is I think it takes us a while, usually by which the damage is done. That's the sad part. All those faking actions are not sustainable and time has its way of revealing things. If I would spend a lot of "quality time" with a girl and we have been through different things together, I would get to know her.

    I know this might sound very cheesy but one simple/ reliable way that I use to get to know a girl better is through sport. I am a great believer of sport being a good way to get to know a persons character. I play a lot of sports/games with my all my friends. I don't want to sound pedantic, but usually the way one plays reveals a lot about their nature. Most girls don't take sport seriously, but at the same time they play hard fair and display good sportsmanship even though they are competitive in nature. Those who want to win at any cost and through "any means," revel themselves humble opinion...

  • guys loves when girls lagh to our bad jokes and stupid stuff ,it gives a nice first impression when you put an act like that , but after seeing the same girl for another 2 , 3 times , you can tell that its fake and it gest annoying , but as a first impression it works and gest attention

    • Yeah, that's true.

      The other girl also does this to a certain extent as she is very confident and makes a huge effort with new people but its not as irriating because you can tell she is just being friendly.

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  • it was probably just easier for the guys to initiate conversation with the "fake" girl because she seems very confident.

    the shyer girl on the other hand, they're most likely to shut her out because if she doesn't say anything at all it may seem like she's not interested in any of the guys or even being there with her friends.

    • Cool. But I wouldn't say the other girl is shy, she's just less over the top.

  • Guys know when girl is being fake. Those are the kind of girls that they find easy. girls who have morals and values, guys that are genuinely good guys tend to respect that. it doesn't make her less atractive, they just respect her more than the fake one.

    • Good Answer. But one guy that seemed to like her was actually a nice guy and he really gives the impression of respecting girls with morals and such as he's quite shy. Perhaps he's just stupid...

  • agreed with Ivan Nas..he said it well.

  • Maybe she's not being fake, and that's just how she is.

  • I don't think guys know if girls are being fake. And if someone pointed it out to them they might say that you're a "hater". They think that she's flirting with them and truly has interest in them.

    The other girl probably doesn't flirt as much and doesn't have that flirty charisma so guys aren't gonna be as drawn to her. There are girls who act like your first friend while flirting who aren't actually fake so maybe they would have no reason to assume she's being fake...thus they like her.

    • I would like to add from a male perspective that too much of anything is not good. The flirt'y behavior, after a point gets repulsive. Its good during the "honeymoon period," but when things get a bit serious (which they do and need to do so in order for progress to be made), these things come out of the closet... I could be wrong in some cases though...