Why does he keep lying to me?

I've been with my man nearly a year and he keeps lying to me! I hate liars and I've had really bad experiences with lying b*tches. He's always promised that he'd tell the truth but that was one big lie too. I don't trust him at all and I don't even believe him when he says he loves me anymore. It started with him just hiding stuff from me then telling me weeks later until I went snooping and asked him about something and he lied straight to my face. I told him I didn't believe him and he got really defensive and wanted to break up because I was 'accusing him of being a liar'... when he was. I told him I knew the truth because I went snooping and he then said he was sorry and that he only did it because he didn't know how I'd react if he told the truth. He promised he wouldn't like again but he keeps doing it over the stupidest things. I'm trying to ignore it but I feel like I can't be with a liar anymore. I do love him though. That's why it hurts so much.


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  • It hurts so much being in love with a liar?

    Oh man.

    You have not experienced the future outcome, when he cheats and lies about it.

    A thing about Liars, is that they evolve into Cheaters, because you have let them behave that way.

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      How do I stop him lying to me? Or do I just break up with him? I'd like to think he wouldn't cheat because he's been cheated on twice and he said it broke his heart but he once told me that he might end up kissing another girl when he gets drunk...

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      His telling you he might kiss another girl when he gets drunk is advance notice that he's willing to cheat on you.

      Go ahead and break up with him!