Why does my boyfriend always disappear for a day or so after a fun day together?

My boyfriend and I had a really fun day hanging out together. Then the next day or two he is always MIA. Why does he always do this?


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  • Sounds like normal behavior to me. If I spend a whole day with someone, I generally don't contact him or ehr for a few days. Otherwise, it's communication overload!

    • Thanks for the advice

  • He probably needs the time for himself. Does it bother you that much? Being in a relationship doesn't mean he (or you) has to give up on his individuality. Enjoy your time together and let him have his time for himself.

    • If you distrust him to the point of needing to be constantly vigilant, your relationship won't last. I don't know where the trust issues come from, but if the way you're going to work them out is by controlling his every move... you're just wasting your time.

    • I know your right... I just have some trust issues with him right now and he is trying to prove that he is trustworthy.

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