How do shy guys flirt?

i find it difficult enough already to find out wether a guy like me or not. so how do I know if a shy guy likes me?


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  • We basically, as has been stated, don't.

    The only thing I can think of that I do is to be in her line of vision and trying to stand somewhat near to her; no where near next to her but somewhere if she were to turn her head a little she would see me (if I couldn't be in her line of vision or if I were too nervous to be in the line of vision).

    And we don't give eye contact unless for a split second, if you catch us red handed. When you aren't looking at us, we are looking at you (yeah, sounds kinda creepy).

    Basically we do everything that shy girls do ...and it's absolute hell being shy.

    We are constantly waiting for you to approach us or say something, anything, to start the conversation (mind you - you have to keep it going also & we would love it if you were to ask us for our numbers).

    Mind you, if the guy isn't interested he's also not likely to keep the conversation going, so it's a very thin line between being interested and not interested; hopefully you can read the small signals correctly. And if we aren't interested we'll still give out our numbers, even though we don't want to (we are just being polite) so you'll have to watch his body language closely.

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      thankyou so so much! so you guys really don't flirt huh? damn I was hoping for HIM to approach me instead of vice versa. thanks again! :)

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      Sadly I have many examples of where I see girls are interested in me and I can't for the life of me approach me, even though they are eyefcking me (two currently) and then many more giving me all the classic examples of flirting, some even extremely obvious. There isn't a day that goes by where girls in my college aren't showing me that they are interested and of course there isn't a day that goes by where I don't approach *sigh* If it wasn't the man's "job" to approach ...

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      "and I can't for the life of me approach me"

      And I can't for the life of me approach them.

      ...if you were to approach your guy then he'll probably hold your eye contact; that is, if you face him when you speak to him, and maybe even give a little closed smile (I sometime do that to girls I have seen giving me flirting signals, they smile back - sometimes with an open smile, and yet they never approach). If his eyes don't wander around when you are talking to him then I would say your in luck