Who is responsible for the Government Shutdown?

President Obama is saying the fault lies with the Republicans, saying they have caused the first partial closure in 17 years as part of a non-stop "ideological crusade" to wipe out his signature health care law.

The Republicans are saying the fault lies with President Obama and the Washington Democrats, saying "Washington Democrats have slammed the door on reopening the government by refusing to engage in bipartisan talks."

Who do you think is responsible?

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  • I don't listen to MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CNN or any other major news network because even if they try to be fair, they have an agenda that gets the better of them the majority of the time. So I did my own research and I didn't listen to agenda tainted stories. As a result I came to an unbiased conclusion on hard facts and true principles.

    No matter how you look at it. The house of representatives sent bills that would fund the government and the senate denied them. The reason is because they would not fund Obama care. Let anybody spin it any way they want. The end result is that the senate made as a collective choice, to not pass the bill and as a result not fund the government. This is all because the bill did not include the affordable care act which has and embarrassing 49% disapproval rating with only 41% approval. Regardless of what parties are at play here, the house of representatives are acting in the majority interests of the American people by letting democratic principles be the deciding factor in how they use the funding for the government would go. The defunding of Obama care is proof that they were by the people, for the people, all others who opposed it are not for the people. This is the absolute.

    • If you want to make a good argument that's fine. However you are not doing you and anyone who shares your point of view any favors by insulting me. Baseless and reckless insults do not get you far when conveying your point. I have not insulted you, neither have I ignored what you have said. If you want to make a point or any valid offerings to help prove your hypotheses as facts, please, do your research and try again.

    • You have no idea what you're talking about... not a single f***ing thing...

    • Actually, now that I have looked this up, I don't think Congress can shut down the government down. To do so they would need to not pass one bill. Can you show me anywhere it says they have the legal grounds to pass no bills?

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What Girls Said 3

  • Both.. I feel like the republicans were being big babies about a bill getting passed that they didn't want to get passes and Obama should have tried to reason with them.

    They could have really found a middle ground with Obamacare just saying.

    • The only problem with that statement is that the republicans don't have the power to shut down the government. They house of representatives sent a bill that would fund the government and defund Obama care. When the bill reached the Senate, it was then up to them wether or not they would shut down the government. Be careful, the media is very deceptive, journalism is pretty much dead. I recommend looking up the facts for yourself like I am.

  • President Obama and the Washington Democrats

    • The only problem with that statement is that the republicans don't have the power to shut down the government. They house of representatives sent a bill that would fund the government and defund Obama care. When the bill reached the Senate, it was then up to them wether or not they would shut down the government. Be careful, the media is very deceptive, journalism is pretty much dead. I recommend looking up the facts for yourself like I am.

  • Let's be clear: the only people responsible for shutting the government down are the very people who did just that. Those would be representatives of the Republican Party. This is fact, not an opinion.

    • I try me best to educate everyone, even if they have no brain with which to retain the facts I present :P

    • Rocksongwriter, they had a choice. They collectively made and executed that choice. No one forced them into a shutdown; that's such a pathetic excuse it would almost be laughable if it weren't not funny. It's not even a partisan issue because there are a number of Republican politicians who did not support that choice.


      Seriously, my 1-year old niece has more maturity than these sniveling little douche bags.

    • link

      Democrats have tried to compromise and have compromised a f*** ton. Stop being stupid and listening to Fox News, Rocksongwriter.

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What Guys Said 10

  • For the people who feel that Obamacare passed fair and square and that Republicans just need to accept it...

    ...where were you when Obama vowed that he would not enforce DOMA? DOMA was a law passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Clinton. Wasn't Obama wrong for declaring that he would not uphold that law? Why weren't you speaking out then?

    Oh, I get it. It's cool when a Democrat takes a stand against an existing law and fights for what they believe is right - but when Republicans do it, it's wrong. I got it.

  • Both are at fault, but I would say that Obama's absolute refusal to even attempt to negotiate makes him and the democrats slightly more at fault. They want it all, and won't compromise at all. Both sides need to learn to negotiate, and give in a little.

  • fox news

    • not directly, but they can turn people into a mob of frothing lunatics who would rather burn everything to the ground than allow poor people access to medical treatment.

    • Can a t.v. network really shut down the government?

  • I can't believe anyone doesn't see this is 100% the fault of the republicans.

    • ya, I really hate those people...



      More fun facts that show something that blow their minds, but they won't listen.

    • You can't deal with people who can stare reality in the face and go "Nope, I don't believe that."

    • It really is pretty remarkable how many people believe the opposite. And scary.

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  • The Republicans are responsible. Bipartisanship is a alien act to them.

  • The government itself for spending so much money and getting to the point they need to shut down in the first place.

    • The shutdown is costing us $150,000,000 a day.

    • This is ENTIRELY the Republicans. A law was passed, a law was signed into official legislation, the supreme court deemed it constitutional, tough sh*t for Republicans, they are shutting down the government just cause they don't like it and aren't getting their way.


      Stop this "neutral" bullsh*t that both are wrong when it's clearly just one side.

  • This site LOVES Obama so naturally the votes will place the blame on the Republicans. When the government shut down 17 years ago, ironically Bill Clinton was the President at the time who is also a Democrat. Basically, Obama and Harry Reid said they will not entertain any ideas or suggestions presented from the Republicans in the House. The Republicans sent three different modifications to the Senate in order to keep the government opened, and they were voted no. So if Obama has come out and said he isn't willing to negotiate on this unless it's what he and his party want, then I have no other choice but to blame the Democrats and Obama. He needs to understand that he is a President and not a Dictator.

    • *claps* bravo, bravo. You are proving how truly dumb you are. You can't engage in the reality and facts so you engage in logical fallacies like Ad Hominems. Give up now, you'll just make yourself look stupider.

    • Straw Man idiocy from you, not surprised.

      No, I don't want government to control everything, maybe if you had a brain and read anything I said elsewhere you'd realize this. But there are things government should do and that's make sure rights and necessities are available to its people.

      Btw, since you blame the Democrats


    • I can confirm that the answerer here is stating the facts. There is no bias here. In addition the house of representatives tried to even piecemeal all the important parts of government even to the point of funding everything except Obama care. Social securities got funded but soon the senate caught onto what was going on and they stopped approving individual bills. This is what has been going on that I have been keeping track of.

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  • Al of them

    • link By the way, no, the majority of Americans aren't against it see? Only 1/3 of our people want to defund/delay/repeal it. 1/3 != majority. I know math is hard for the right wing people, but this isn't that hard.

    • Sorry, no, the American people do want it. That is, when you ask them "Do you want the Affordable Care Act" and especially if you tell them what it does, polls show they want it. It's only when it's called "Obamacare" right now is it shown more negative. And why? Cause of propaganda of your beloved right wing media propaganda machines.

    • that you're* being

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  • The republicans. They have been talking about a government shutdown for months. A law was passed. Whether they like it or not, it was passed. They demanded that "Obamacare" be defunded or they shutdown the govt. They didn't get their way so they acted like children.

    Now, 800,000 federal employees won't get their paychecks. Of course, nobody in congress will lose theirs.

    • Oh he'll sit there and claim with a straight face they didn't engineer it because he's blind and partylined and a fool. I.e. the general Republican voting base.

    • The undeniable fact is that threatening a government shutdown has been part of the extreme right wing agenda for a while now. You can't honestly sit there with a straight face and say republicans didn't engineer this. They sent proposals that they knew had 0 expectations of being passed. They hinged the ACA on their plans. Don't pretend this isn't an Obamacare fight

    • @gonyr the only problem is that the congress did not make the decision to defund the government. They sent bills that would fund the government and defund Obama care. The senate had the power at that point to chose to defund the government or not. Those are the bare undeniable facts.

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