What are some sophisticated bullying techniques?

What are some cases you have heard about or know about?

or perhaps what have been registered to be some sophisticated bullying techniques?

I guess I am looking for something up the alley of character defamation, rumor spreading, gangstalking etc


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  • What is the big thing with bullying these days? I went to school in the 80s and 90s and this just wasn't a concern. It happened all the time, no one was killing themselves over it, it was just part of growing up. If you had a problem with it, you stood up for yourself. Punch the bully in the mouth, and even if he beats you up, he'll pick an easier target next time. I remember going inside one time because I was scared that this older kid in my neighborhood was threatening me. My dad asked me what I was doing in the house. I told him, and he just said "well you better get back out there and do something about, or it'll just get worse. If people know you're soft, there'll just be more bullies." Probably the best advice I ever got. I went back outside, the kid started again, I swung on him, we fought, I held my own, and no one ever bothered me again. The way people bubble-wrap their kids nowadays is absolutely maddening. The world has gone soft-serve.

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      It is not school-yard bullying anymore and they will get you arrested for any physical altercations...that is the problem.

      Bullying today is done in groups and often involves stalking, gang-stalking, emotional abuse and some other things. Frankly, its a bit more complicated than before and hence harder to beat. The main reason it is harder to beat is because there are a lot of bystanders and people who do not care about it unless it ultimately happens to them.

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      You can't punch out the bully anymore? That's ridiculous. Kids are pu$$ies these days. It's the goddamn internet causing this probably, people grow balls behind computer screens, probably goes down on Facebook and whatnot. I lived a couple towns away from that Phoebe Prince girl that offed herself a few years back, that was a shame. This is what happens when you don't let people fight.