129,000,000 people will lose their healthcare under the Affordable Care Act?

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period.""If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan, period". -Barack ObamaObama has said these things time and time again, and it's all a big lie. Then tonight he comes out and said publicly that what he really meant was, as long as your plan doesn't change under the ACA. Sixty-Eight percent of privately-insured Americans may not be able to keep their current health coverage once Obamacare is fully implemented, despite the president’s repeated promises that anyone who wanted to keep their plan would be able to do so, according to a Duke University health expert.An analysis by healthcare economist Christopher Conover at the Center for Health Policy & Inequalities Research at Duke University found that an estimated 129 million people could lose their previous health coverage due to a combination of factors including the cancellations of existing plans as well as changes and “improvements” to existing coverage that will be required under the new healthcare law, The Daily Caller reported.“Bottom line: of the 189 million Americans with private health insurance coverage, I estimate that if Obamacare is fully implemented, at least 129 million (68 percent) will not be able to keep their previous health care plan either because they already have lost or will lose that coverage by the end of 2014,” said Christopher Conover.This is Nixonian and if Nixon was forced to resign over Watergate, then Obama should be forced to resign over Obamacare. Lies upon lies upon lies and in a 49 state analysis of the country, there will be a 41% increase in costs for healthcare. link link link link Does this piss anyone else off? This is personal for people. How can he still have any favorability?

Thank you all for your answers. Sleep well.

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  • Obama's a big liar and it looks like people are finally noticing.

    • It's pathological.

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  • Obama and his pals are nothing but a bunch of socialists, even if they have to lie and lie BIG, they will, as long as they can advance their agenda. Not a fan.

    • Cannot help how the rest of the people vote here, not my choice, LOL.

    • You took a HUGE step backward in NYC with the election of Bill de Blasio, because he is a true ultra progressive.

  • "in a 49 state analysis of the country"So... which state got ignored?

    • Well, I'm sure the people who live in that state feel slighted. It is like they are being singled out.. And maybe in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter.. but it did pique my curiosity...

    • link Again, what does it matter which ONE state wasn't included?

    • oh OK. Which one of your links stated that it was Hawaii left out?

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  • I'm a student, and was not eligible to be on my parents healthcare. I work at a job that charges $100/paycheck for high deductible insurance (10,000 deductible). This has left me uninsured for the past two years. Under Obamacare, I will have affordable health insurance. I will be able to go to the doctor when I'm sick. There are pros and cons to both sides. Obamacare is certainly not perfect in any aspect, but there are some people who are in fact benefiting from it.

    • I can't help but feel like you've double-posted here. You need to research the plans available to you and what your cost out of pocket will be. Also depending on what state you're in, if it's a "red state" you will pay higher premiums as a result of voters not supporting the president and his plan. It's Chicago politics at it's finest and every day that passes more and more lies about the program are coming to light. I think in the end, the program will collapse as a whole due to financials.

  • I will lose my health insurance because the plan won't be legal under new regulations but I will qualify for better insurance--meaning a lower deductible and premium--under the ACA. Thanks, Obama.

    • LOL at you! I am 33 and I graduated from Harvard 10 years ago with a degree in art history. If you find that implausible, that speaks to your ignorance. I haven't been "wrong" about anything and if I weren't initially interested in having a "reasonable discussion" I wouldn't have responded to your post. I checked out when you insulted my intelligence first ("Am I speaking too fast? You're clearly under educated." ) Sounds like an insult to me and more bullsh*t from you. Get over yourself, troll.

    • LOL @ Harvard. I don't believe I insulted you anywhere in my responses, but you sure threw some insults at me. That's what you liberals do when you're backed into a corner and have documented information thrown at you. Since you can't accept that you're wrong, you all belittle the correct party in order to make yourself feel better. Being someone with a "Harvard" education and being 33 years old, you should be able to have reasonable discussions.

    • And now if you'll excuse me, Idiot, I'll be leaving this conversation. You've wasted far too much of my time already with your bullsh*t "facts."

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  • ugh I am so tired of all this.. I am 21 about to have no healthcare (my dad is retiring) and I have no clue what to do... I make very little money so I should quality for something?

    • under about 135% of the poverty line?

    • If you make under 40 grand, you'll at least qualify for some degree of subsidy. If you're under about 135% of the poverty line, you should be covered completely.

    • I am sure you'll qualify for one of the 4 big plans, but be ready to open your wallet.

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  • I was pissed when that clown was elected once, and then when he was elected again, I knew we were all screwed, we had a chance to get out of all this crap if you liberals would have woken up and not voted for the guy who thinks he is cool, as opposed to the guy Romney would get this county back on track. Obama is horrible president he doesn't care about America he cares about himself, forcing us to get this crap healthcare, and trying to ban guns, sinking our wonderful country into further debt, more and more job losses, and wiping his ass with our constitution. Just wait guys everything is going to go up in price, and so will your healthcare premiums. I hope they Impeach him, but then we get Bidden, really he's even worse. Why do you think we had a shut down, why do you think that one senator spoke for hours and hours trying to get this damn thing to fail, they all knew we were screwed, yet the liberal media and rich off their ass celebrities criticized and spun the truth, and here we are SCREWED!

  • I completely agree with you. If you look at the ins and outs of this plan it is a terrible plan. The idea is a wonderful thing to have everyone covered with healthcare but the cost to the national debt and the tax penalties are going to make people realize several years from now how horrible this whole thing has been. I think that he has done some good things and I have praised him when he has done good stuff and I say something when something isn't working. Once everyone fully understands this then it will certainly get repealed. Wait until you get an almost 1000 dollar penalty on your taxes after the first few years of the plan.

    • They need 7 million people to be enrolled by March for it to work, and they are so far off the mark now with the website being down. This is going to be the epic collapse of the United States. His approval rating is currently at 39% and falling. All I can pray for is an impeachment.

  • Last time I checked, the jackass in the White House had a popularity of around 47%... that was three weeks ago that I checked. The fact that Obamacare is causing this much trouble for millions of Americans is most likely to absolutely devastate his approval rating among the American people.Knowing the kind of person Obama is, I knew he was making up a huge pile of bullsh*t when he made those asinine claims he promised the people. I knew all of this would happen, as well as many of my family and friends knew this stuff would happen under Obamacare.That man in the White House is a filthy liar, as well as his friends like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Biden (a complete tool, by the way). I will never believe anything they say when they try to make claims. We all know they're lying at the end of the day.


    • They can't handle the truth! It's like A Few Good Men!

    • I love how the Socialists and Communists and Obama-loving bums on this site downrate my answer; Leftists hate the truth, you know!

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  • Oh, don't criticize the chosen messiah, if you disagree with something he said, evidently you're either a racist or an idiot who cannot understand his greatness. The messiah cannot lie or be mistaken, comrade! Truth simply has yet to change to accommodate his truth!

  • This sh*t ain't personal . People already despised him because he's of African descent And Conover also said that people COULD not WOULD lose their insurance . No plan is perfect. Your buddy Bush 43 was a coke head a drunk , cheated to get elected, lied about weapons of mass destruction etc. You can also thank the republicans for Obamacare. He got the idea from a republican named Mitt Romney. link

    • LOL.

    • Well, at least I have the courage to post with my username, coward. You show your typical Leftist cowardice on this thread, as well as what Liberals typically do: disgusting name-calling.What disgusts me most about the leadership we have is that people literally WORSHIP this guy in the White House. He's no god; he's a Socialist scum with terrible ideas of leadership!How about you evolve from middle school insults? You sound like a 13 year old with the way you insult, anonymous.

    • "In Fortunate Son, Bush biographer Hatfield quoted several anonymous sources regarding allegations of Bush's cocaine use." I find that very hard to believe due to the fact they are anonymous allegations. I'm not saying anyone is perfect, but Bush has been out of office 5 years now, so I don't even know why he is mentioned in conversations still. Obama is a pathological liar and his "change" for America is coming apart at the seams. Also, I'd suggest toning down the insults.

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  • The end result is single payer. This was the plan all along. It's simple. Obama's supporters are suckers and I really question their intelligence level.