He called me insecure? Don't know how I should take it?

So the thing is in not a very huggy type person I want my own personal space and I feel uncomfortable being touched all the time. So whenever I sit next to people I don't sit like I'm glued to them but about two inches apart and I HATE it when someone sticks their face right next to mine. Okay do I was sitting with this guy I think is very cute and I moved like an inch away because our legs were being glued together after a while he was like to everyone else "she's too insecure doesn't let anyone touch her" and I didn't reply anything cause I didn't know what to reply I mean yeah I don't like being touched that much but I'm not insecure about it so how should I take this?


Most Helpful Guy

  • well he doesn't seem to understand the defininition of insecure AND he's an a** for saying somethign like that publicly. If a guy likes a girl and wants to bring it up he can find a polite way of saying to the girl, 'is it OK if I'm this close to you?; rather than bring it up to a group of people.

    I would be turned off at his behavior and lack of respect, and turned off that he would expose something to a group of people based on a flawed understanding of the word insecure. now perhaps he was feeling insecure because you moved away and it hurt his ego, and I suppose that is foregivable but still it wasn't a very kind, smart, or attractive move on his part