7 Reasons Why Being Anonymous Here Is Better For Me

7 Reasons Why Being Anonymous Here Is Better For Me

Since I started being Anonymous, I realized how much better it is than posting with your name.

First of all, I must make it clear I'm not like those Anonymous users who misuse the anonymous function in order to troll or insult others. I'm strongly against it.

Anyway, my reasons are:

1) Posting Anonymous Will Make You Avoid Haters From Your Posts

If someone posts with his name and leaves anonymous option open (in order to let good anonymous users in), then there's a good possibility he/she might draw his/her haters to start bashing him/her. (Note: Those are the bad anonymous users.)

Posting anonymously will generally save you from that.

2) Your Activity Will Be Hidden

So you don't have to worry. You can respond to someone's comment whenever you want. You can take your time, without having him thinking:

"Why isn't he/she doesn't responding to my comment? He/she's online..."

3) You Can Ask Questions You Wouldn't Dare Asking With Your Name

Obvious, isn't it? And of course, I don't mean creepy ones.

4) When You Post To Someone Else's Opinion You Can Share Personal Experiences Easier

See #3. You can post a more accurate opinion that way.

5) Less PMs

Especially if you are popular and have a "Guru" or a "Master" badge. Many people might start taking you for granted. You will receive tons of PMs from various users asking you, "Could you please answer this/that?" After some point it becomes tiring.

6) People Will Focus On What You Said, Not Who Said It

Someone's "name" might affect his/her opinion to some degree, especially if he/she's one of the popular users here. When you are anonymous, your opinion becomes more neutral.

7) If You Have A Debate With a Hot-Blooded User, You Can Avoid Being Blocked

Some users tend to block someone else after just one disagreement without even letting you explain first. But being anonymous, they cannot do that, so there's a better chance to put them back into their places.


Most Helpful Girl

  • This is true, except for the last point. People can still block you, but instead of being blocked permanently, you will only be blocked from that post. That is it. 👍


Most Helpful Guy

  • #6 is the main reason why I do it though some of the others also apply.


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What Girls Said 4

  • i rarely use anonymous but when i do it's for reasons 3 and 4

    i wish i had used the feature more when answering controversial religious questions since many of those have been upvoted enough times to flash on the profile page. of course, i posted many of those controversial opinions before GaG implemented that feature.

    if i had known, i definitely would have been anon those times. it's the only reason i don't do follow-backs. i want people to know i'm more than that.

  • huh, never thought of that.
    Being incredibly shy, I would never really say as much stuff in person, but I feel I can be more open here because no one knows who I am.
    You make a really good point though

  • Welcome back dude ✌

  • Remember you are only anonymous to other users. Site owners and maybe even moderaters can probably see you (anyone know?), as well as hackers can probably unanonymous you.

    • no moderators can't...

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    • What's the difference?

    • admins have more power obviously...

What Guys Said 6

  • Welcome back bro

  • I hate people who block you because they disagree with you. I don't feel I'll have any repercussions posting with a username on gag.

  • I agree with this Mytake. Point 7 is kinda wrong but good mytake nonetheless.

    Though i hope people would actually stop caring about anonymous users as not ALL are bad. Besides, i seen many rude users here are unanonymous.

  • Good to see you are back Klatuu51😉
    The less PM questions is the best part

    • but... how? i didn't even use ma "personal" style...

    • Let's just say nothing gets past me 😀

  • I will add one of my own - my age. For some reason some youngish people think that anyone over 35 is either senile or out of step to the point they can't have a valid opinion or really know much at all about the modern world, or worse - the poster who objects to people posting AT ALL who are over a certain age, because the objectors are ageist. It's almost as if they can't see the illogic that "I am an ageist poster, I think anyone over X should be banned" also means that when THEY get to that age, other, younger ageists will be free to think that now THEY (formerly young, but now old) should be banned; or if they think older posters are senile, they don't see the conflict that at some point late in their life they ALSO might become senile. Or if they are the type to think anyone older doesn't know anything, does this mean that they, at some future date, will MAGICALLY stop knowing anything also? See how ridiculous this is? As an anon, I could be exactly 45, or 110, and nobody (unless I help by sharing exact life details, such as: "in 1983 I graduated HS". etc.) could guess at which end it is exactly.

    by the way I agree with all your points.

  • I agree 100%. These reasons are exactly why I always go anon. Great take bro.