Types of people I've met on G@G

Disclaimer: I write this with a light heart and a heavily drunk mind, so you'll pardon this MyTake. I've to mention that this myTake is inspired by @pavlove and @MissNowhere.

1) The Pseudo Alpha

Yep that's what I call them. Because they love slinging around their dicks in almost every opinion they give, literally. For them the definition of Alpha means getting jacked and getting laid, and basically nothing else.

What they think they are:

Types of people I've met on G@G.

What they really are like:

2) The Alpha Female

Yup they do exist. And thankfully they do what they are meant to do. Stand clear and make a point. Which I find lacking in most women and men here. Give some great advice and stand their ground.

I'd say they are like:

3) The 'Wight' Knight

Sigh. They're such a disappointing bunch. Since G@G has been just oozing out questions and opinions about them, I'll let you decide.(Wights, see Game Of Thrones.)

What they think they are:

What they really are:

4) The Princess

The popular yet oblivious category in G@G, these are an interesting bunch. Yet are used to a sense of entitlement. I wouldn't take them too seriously but I wouldn't disregard them either.

What they think they are:

What I think they might be:

But from what I know I would like to believe that they are amongst the most neutral G@Gers around.

5) The Feminist

Yeah, they too exist. I'd almost dub them as the pseudo version of Alpha Female. They maintain double standards. While no will openly admit it, G@G has its fair share of Feminists.

What they think they are:

What they're really like:

6) The Sympathizer

The Sympathizer relates with the weak and victimized on G@G. Perhaps because they've gone through it themselves but can be overtly emotional and can cause more harm than good when they answer questions.

What they think they're like:

What they're really like:

7) The Old And Wise

Frankly, a bulk of the most helpful answers are answered by these folks. They maintain a certain reserve and calm before making an opinion. While they answer occasionally, I feel that they always something meaningful to add.

I'd say they are like:

What I think they might be:

8) The empathizer

They are one of the rarer classes on G@G and are amongst the people who shell out MHOs like machines. I'd dub them as MHO machines. Awesome advice and very MyTakes. I'd say this sort is about as helpful as it gets because they keep a level and try to relate.

They're like:

Strictly an example. Moving on....

9) The Observer

The trollers or the opportunits of the group. While perfectly capable of giving great advice. These cats wait it out and use their wits about them to crack it up. These guys get the most up votes or down votes depending on how they play it.

They're like:

10) The Normal One

Yep. Getting rarer and rarer now. These come online to actually ask for help. And possibly to help. But are overwhelmed instead. A new G@Ger might be like.

That's how I felt in the beginning anyway.

11) The Poster

These come online for only one reason only, to feel empowered by other people's compliments on how they look. They repeatedly post pics of themselves and rave for opinions. Might possibly suffer from low self esteem.

What they think they are:

What they really are:

12) The Stalker

Yep. Pretty self explanatory.

13) The Douche

Every now and then comes a person who is a douche for no whatsoever. The anons love playing this role. Geez, I wonder why

What they think they're:

14) The Bimbo

Yep, attractive people with not so attractive opinions. They're like the mascots of G@G. But never mind them. G@G would be a lot duller without them.

What they think they are:

15) The Dark Horse

The wild card here. Not to be underestimated. Can be deeply insightful sometimes and completely aloof the other times.

Well, that's all I got right now and damn the 20 image limit. But I'll do another myTake once I gather my thoughts. One thing you need to remember though is that this isn't a stereotype. We all can be one of these, a combination of these or even all of these depending on our tempartments and disposition. So just have fun with it. Again thanks Pavlove and MissNowhere. So G@Gers what group do you belong to right now?

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