Like The Feminism Dislike The Feminist

Like The Feminism Dislike The Feminist

Some have called me out on being an outspoken feminist and yet saying many things that one could consider a little "bro-ish" or male centric. As a male who thinks of feminism as simply a movement to get women equal rights, I finally understand why, in my opinion, there are so many opposed to it's creed: the feminists themselves.

Of course, many think like I do and usually are much more silent about it. This is the point. The radical feminists use feminism simply as a means of SHAMING MEN. Obviously, they cannot defeat men physically, so they ATTEMPT TO DEFEAT THEM SOCIALLY. Women, it is thought, are much more highly advanced creatures socially speaking if only for the fact that culturally women tend to be much more attached to their friendships, strive harder to fit in with their various cliques, and traditionally put more emphasis on maintaining a strong social circle at all times, while men seem more comfortable, in general, being loners or only having one or two close buddies. There are many social guys, there are many isolated female. This is just a generality made for the sake of explaining a causality in broad terms.

This is problematic because as some disempowered women look at feminism and see only an oppurtunity to GAIN POWER through using the movement to attack the male power base, I would say they are being the most anti-feminine they can be. They relish the oppurtunity to lift themselves up into the power position by being the aggresors instead of the victims. They attack filmmakers who make movies that have women as housewives, they take general comments men make and even women make and try to put them into a context they weren't meant for, they attempt to attack anyone who likes or approves of anyone as hating women as well. It happens in life and it happens on here. Ironically, I was one of the major attackers of male rights activits, but not has come the time to attack feminists who have lost sight of the purpose of the movement. It is clear when a man is attempting to make peace with some women and she is still vehemently attacking him and trying to discredit him to anyone she can get the attention of. Her biggest targets are weak minded girls, usually liberals, who she can create a false reality of abuse that they buy into or a weak minded boy who will latch onto anyone woman who will give him attention and, once she has him, she will confuse his mind into thinking the men around him are evil woman abusers and that he should heroically stand up for women. This is the greatest irony because A WOMAN OF FEMINISM wouldn't ACTUALLY WANT A MAN TO DEFEND HER IF SHE WAS CAPAPABLE OF DEFENDING HERSELF. Obviously, with violence this does not apply but in manners of verbal attacks it does. In other words, men who think with their dicks are more likely to accept the black and white narrative that women are good and men are bad. That men who radical feminists don't like deserve it and that radical feminist women aren't lying. You'll even see radical feminist women attack non radical feminist women as supporting male dominance. This is because there is no internal logic or consistency to their ideas. There is only hate for the power group and attempt to become the power group.

And that is the end of the rainbow for this radical feminist fairytale. For all the chauvinism they accuse certain men of their ultimate goal and means to get there are TO USE THE SAME HATE AND POWER MOVES THAT THEY CLAIM TO BE SUFFERING AND USE IT TO ATTACK MEN.

Take a look and notice that NEARLY EVERY SINGLE POPULAR/OUTSPOKEN GUY HAS BEEN ATTACKED FOR DISLIKING WOMEN AT SOME POINT ON THIS SITE. The problem is with the pathological organization with which they attack men on this site. We simply have to endure it because, unlike male rights activits, no one feels comfortable calling them out on it. Well, I feel comfortable calling them out on it.

Radical feminists--you need to disperse. You're not good for this site.

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  • Congratulations. You are the first feminist I can agree with.


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  • Finally, a good take about feminism!


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  • Why is it in 'G@G community' & not in 'Society & Culture'?

  • I have never quite understood radical feminists. Maybe they just never had a real man's arm around their shoulder to calm them down.

    • me neither. that's the most interesting part i think. what are the reasons that lead some women to such a strange place of male hatred

    • Or maybe they're attracted to the same losers their whole lives and then think all of us are losers? They need to open up their dating pools or change their standards.