Here's Some Positivity For You GAG Members!

So, there's so much negativity in peoples lives.

Whether it's bullying, abuse, no self-esteem or what-the-fuck-ever.

There are so many beautiful people in life, and I want to point them out.

Here's Some Positivity For You GAG Members!


-she's my adopted mother, and no matter what she looks like, she will forever be beautiful to me.


-she's my wifey and she's gorgeous


-dude, look at her, she's beautiful and so nice


-she's given me some of the greatest advice I could use


-beautiful and sweet, intelligent and caring

she's also the only other "virgin nympho" I know hehe

(also damn, dat ass tho)


-one of the first friends I've made on here <3


-she's awesome and seems to be a great person





@SlightlyCrazy <3







@IAMDEATHWISH (people, he is super cute and sweet, befriend him!) <3



Guys, girls, I love you all. <3 I want everyone to know, they're beautiful to me. And you, whoever is reading this, you're beautiful too, (even if you're a dick)!

I didn't get to mention everyone (max is 20) but there are many more.

GAG, I might not be here for much longer, as I am thinking about leaving. But if I do, I will make sure I don't leave without notifying certain friends.

Figured I'd give a heads up.

I love you guys, truly. <3


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