If You Hate Anonymous Posts...

If You Hate Anonymous Posts...

If you hate anonymous posts...why are you here?

That's a valid question I have for so many in the GaG universe who proclaim to absolutely hate such things. It is no secret that this post you are reading right now, and many others, are written anonymously. You can see the pink or blue icon. You are well aware before you click on this and others of the anonymous nature of the writer. It's not like I just popped out of a box and punched you in the face. And if you get so far as to then read and comment on a post written anon, than that suggests to me you aren't really all that bothered by the whole thing at all because you didn't have to read or comment on anything written once you saw that blue/pink icon.

You don't actually have any right to know who I or others are just because you exist and want to know anymore than I have a right to demand that you give me your phone or email address, because I exist and may want to know. I haven't actually demanded that you be as public with your screen name and/or picture as some of you think you have a right to demand of me and others.That is the choice you made for yourself as I have made the choice to go Anon here. If it makes you feel less connected or you feel that it is absolutely impossible for you to comprehend the words that are written in a take or question, without a "screen name" attached to them, then there are just as many of us who aren't anonymous and who you can connect to even though you don't know most of their names or real identities either.

That may all sound a bit harsh, but its rather tiresome to hear the same repetitive complaints over and over again about the same exact thing when the solution is you don't even have to bother reading or responding to anon posts if it annoys you or you hate them for whatever reason.

In a phrase: you came to me, not the other way around.

...and yes, I do understand some idiots use it to troll, and some of you genuinely do like certain posts and want to get to know that person or follow them because you like what they've written, but not every anon poster is a troll and if the anon person wants to find you after a nice comment, they can. Being anon or not is a choice each person gets to make for themselves because it is an option created by the makers of this website, so in essence you're getting mad at people for using a function available to them; your unnecessary frustration is a bit misplaced.

There are several reasons someone might want to go Anon or remain public, and it is what it is. If you can't handle the not knowing, then don't engage, but the truth is, you may be missing out by just making assumptions or shutting people out because of that. There is plenty of room on GaG for both types of people to share their thoughts and ideas in a meaningful way. I know, because it happens all the time regardless of whether I post Anon or not.


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  • I really don't like anon posts, but I want to say that at best a small handful actually hate them.. Whenever I ask a question that doesn't involve a poll, I do not allow anonymous opinions. I understand what you are getting across, because yes some people want to ask questions and not have their username involved otherwise. I don't understand when it comes to myTakes though and perhaps you could could give me a better understanding on that, it certainly draws my curiosity..

    • Privacy is a thing that people don't seem to want to recognize as a thing that can exist in the 21st century. You might say, well if you're on social media, how can you 'expect' privacy, but there is some, at least the illusion of some, by being Anon on this site. Some times these moments shared anon are very intimate and personal, but can be shared without the typical fear or anxiety one would have in person with a group of strangers, because one is Anon. I don't often write because I want some sort of pat on the back for what I've written, but rather to express my thoughts so that others can experience them for what they are. If praise or scorn comes, it's not because they simply think they know me and expect that I should write a certain way, but because they are responding to the words as opposed to sometimes reacting to the person behind them.

    • Beautiful! I am rendered speechless.. You completely hit the nail on the head. Now that I think about it, also provides a bit a mystery as well.. Thank you for responding :) I'm usually more eloquent with my words, but honestly you have left me with a bit to think about..

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  • I don't like anon posts that have no purpose. I don't mind anonymous posters as long as they are actually asking something but some of these anons ask the dumbest questions and it's obvious they're trolls.

    • Well being dumb and asking so called dumb questions isn't just relegated to those that go Anon!


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  • I don't hate anonymous posts, even though it's annoying when they use it to troll. i just don't allow anonymous posts on my content. However, I do share opinions on anonymous posts but I don't respond back when they reply to me. It's because I don't know which user i'm interacting with. Each user here has an identity and a personality so being anonymous just takes away from all of that.

  • Only inferior people hate them.

  • I view anon posts and named posts the same way - I read it and if it interests me, I will think about contributor (if anon end of story), if named their age/gender/country might give me an insight as to why they said that.


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