Contest - Who has the funniest avatar?

We had an amazing turnout for our What's in the Box Christmas Contest so we thought it'd be fun to have another!

Who has the funniest avatar?

The rules:

  1. You must upload it and keep it as your avatar until the contest is closed and the winner has been announced. (contest will be open for 6 days)
  2. It must be original. If we reverse image search and find it elsewhere, you will be disqualified.
  3. You must share here to let us know you are entering. Do not nominate anyone else.
  4. Upvote the entries you like! We will take the top 5 finalists based on the most upvotes, and the admin team will pick from those 5; bronze, silver, gold!
  5. It cannot be overly explicit or offensive. If it is, it will be removed from the site and you will be disqualified.

The contest closes at 10 PM US-CST on Thursday, February 5th, and the winners will be announced on Friday , February 6th!

  • Bronze (3rd place) = 1000 Xper points
  • Silver (2nd place) = 2500 Xper points
  • Gold (1st place) = $25 Amazon Giftcard

Be creative!
Take a goofy picture, create one, edit an existing photo you have to make it silly and fun, go crazy!Contest - Who has the funniest avatar?


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