GaG's Featured in Forbes Magazine on 'How to Grow an Online Community'

Today, GirlsAskGuys was featured in the prestigious Economics and Business, Forbes magazine in an article which focused on the expert tips GaG offered other entrepreneurs who are making a foray into the world of online communities and content development. GaG is an expert in this field as over the past seven years, it has built its global reputation by creating a community that views each other as trusted-yet-anonymous contacts who can be freely approached for advice about the opposite sex. It has done so in a way that has encouraged fresh dialogue and innovation of the media to take place.

GaG's Featured in Forbes Magazine on 'How to Grow an Online Community'

This unique premise has allowed GaG to grow it's community to nearly 1 million members thus far. That is no small feat, with precise strategies and smart organic organization, GaG has become a popular and strong, successfully adapting, engaged online community. Offering 11 key tips on how to attain this kind of success with tried and tested growth tactics, GaG reveals how it has become one of the leaders in the area of online networking, information sharing, and content production - in the context of social interaction.

Read and see, how and why 'Gagers' are on the cutting edge of cultural and media trends, in the ongoing development of online communities.

You are a part of that success Gagers. So congratulations and thank you! We encourage any feedback and insight that could make us even better, so don't hold back and let us know what you think, as you always do.

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  • 7. Encourage content creation that matches your community‚Äôs interests.

    For me, this point from the article has been a bit lacking as of late. I'm not sure about everyone else, but the introduction of the whole "expert" thing seems like a complete time sink. I mean i would have never participated in the first expert Twitter chat I did if it weren't for the xper. The only sort of experts that may actually be of use around here are those who are experienced in the fashion industry, as well as the health/fitness industry. Besides that, this expert thing you guys have been pushing just seems like a waste of time. I don't really value the the advice from dating "experts" over certain users, no matter how colourful their badge is.

    The other issue I find is that in terms of the moderation of sexually explicit content, the site admins are trying to have their cake and eat it too. You guys want to be able to expand the userbase over 1 million people by allowing kids as young as 13 to join the site, while at the same time being able to post the most borderline material which flirts and tempts google to classify girlsaskguys. com as an adult website. I find that the standards aren't strict enough for a site that wants 13 year olds to join. I mean there was a myTake not to long ago made by an admin where she basically posted some pretty borderline BDSM stuff. I'm personally not affected by this, but you might want to be mindful of the entirety of your demographic now..


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  • Wow, that's an acheivement! Congrats to you guys and all the GaGers. :)


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  • "How and why 'Gagers' are on the cutting edge of cultural and media trends."

    It's going to be hilarious the moment they realize this website is nothing but penis size questions.

  • No doubt, we did it.
    But I don't think we 'actually' did it. We are still pursuing more popularity. I didn't find the posting guidelines to be that strict. I don't even think it'll will become that strict because GAG wants to attract more traffic. in my opinion it will become in near future for sure. The content is getting more repetitive, I can feel the GAGers who are here for 2-3+ years and they are planning to leave the site.

    At the moment good work. But we should not get satisfied with this.

  • Only a year after I joined GAG it's getting written up in Forbes? Amazing. I didn't know I brought that much to the table!

  • @GAG
    We made it!!!

  • Yeah, but it's still 90% questions about penis and titty size.

  • Soooo do we get any type of compensation for this? I mean, without us there would be no article... just saying ;)

  • O my god there's a million of us running around lol.

  • GAG is the only good Q&A site.

  • Woah, that must mean that I'm practically famous!

    I kid, I kid... xD

  • Which means new users and questions!!! Hooooray! :)

    -_- what are you looking at!

  • So, there are a million of us.

  • who wrote the article in the forbes magazine?
    is this a article or reportage?

  • This is real? Forbes must have had nothing real to report on. :/


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