Is it just me or has anyone else noticed anymore minor additions on this site?

Ok so, I've noticed the up and down arrows are now colored and when you go to click on your own (or another persons picture the X button is now orange. Has anyone else noticed that or Im I just not all that observant?

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  • Its been there
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  • they just did that yesterday...
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  • We are doing little tweaks... just trying to make it better and better without another complete shock.

    Reporting a question is also now a little flag at the top right, just like it is for opinions and comments.

    You should also notice a new Most Helpful percentage... it's now calculated by how many MH awards you received on questions that actually have a Most Helpful opinion, therefore making the percentage more accurate regarding the amount of times someone picked yours vs. picking someone else's.

    You can also now see Most Helpful percentage from the username hover box, and you can see if the user is active or inactive as well.

    • Ever since the new site went up I have been wondering why one cannot see the up and down votes given to opinions unless one first votes on those opinions. I always liked seeing what people thought of the opinions (answers then). Plus, if it looked like some hater was voting every opinion down, you would realize that the down vote on a particular opinion did not mean much - just one of the down votes from that flake.

    • Not allowing everyone to see BEFORE they vote has really cut down on "trend voting".

      Thanks for MH!

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  • I have and they are a little annoying, especially all the ads

  • I like them so far. Didn't know about the new percentages. That sounds pretty awesome.

  • No one else has observed it.

  • nah bro, never been that attentive to this site


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  • I noticed. When I was on here earlier they shut down the site for maintenance. Then bam! colored up down vote buttons :)