Do we need Moderators in all that we do?

Why are we never left alone to learn from our mistakes and let our behaviour find its natural level. We are constantly being told what's best for us by some "well-meaning' nanny who thinks they know what is best for us. Who made them so perfect? Why can't we decide. Why can't we grow up naturally?


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  • Lol, all your coming of age shit.


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  • This is the internet which means there are a lot of trolls and people who don't want to actually help others. Not everyone here wants to "learn from their mistakes" they just want to stir up trouble. Moderators are not perfect. We're human beings just like anyone else. We are just volunteers who help the admins "clean up" material that violates the guidelines of the site that everyone agrees to when they join.

    I'm sorry you have such a problem with it but if you just follow the posting rules of the site then you'll be fine. The admins want GirlsAskGuys to be a fun and helpful environment so all we do is help weed out the trolls and users who are unable to or don't want to follow the rules of the website.

    • So you're okay if I stir things up and get people to question their beliefs and values. Get them talking, gain Xper, avoid penis size and bj's and the like. Get Moderators to reveal and examine themselves and I don't get heated and I keep my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.

    • I don't care what you post as long as it's within the terms of use of the site.

  • This is the internet. There are all sorts of people here, good people, bad people, trolls, haters, yaddayaddayadda. As you've probably seen, not all of what people post is helpful to others or this website. In the past, I've seen people posting an answer only to mock the QA, without actually bothering to give any advice. I don't think those kind of behavior should be tolerated, because people came to this website for help, and these people bully them instead of giving advice. Another reason is because of the spamming. Just like any other forums or websites, this website isn't free of spammers. Would you want to see tons of spamming "questions"? I bet no GAG user needs and wants to see those kind of posts. So the admins delete them, and moderators help the admins catch them. There aren't that many admins, so it's impossible for them to see everything. That's why they need moderators to help "hide" the bad posts first to be permanently removed later, or to be put back up on the site if it doesn't really go against the rules.

    If you have read the FAQ and know the guidelines or can behave according to the normal social conduct as to not offend other people, then great! More power for you! But unfortunately, there are many who can't. Many new users don't read the FAQ and asks questions that offend certain groups of people, harrass other users personally, and spam.

    Conclusion: admins and mods are supposed to help make this site as pleasant and helpful for everyone as it is possible. A site where spamming, bullying, and offensive posts aren't punished or removed is not a pleasant site.

  • Aren't you already supposed to be "grown up"? I'm sorry, but did something in particular happen that upset you so much? There needs to be some sort of authority or else there is total chaos... And I'm talking about in the real world.
    However, if we are just talking about this website, then I do believe administration and moderation are necessary. The point of this site is for people to feel safe seeking opinions on things, some of which are serious issues that they want serious advice for. There are people here who are less than helpful and can be harmful to people. For instance, if a young girl posts about suffering from an eating disorder and someone posts an opinion telling her she is a fat cow, etc. that needs to be removed because it isn't constructive in the least.
    Even if I wasn't one, I would believe moderation was necessary. Especially somewhere like this where people feel the need to berate others.
    There are a set of rules and they aren't that crazy nor are they hard to follow... If you can manage yourself, then I don't think you have anything to worry about.

  • The thing about advice is - you ultimately have the option to take it or not take it.

    People are always going to share their ideas on whats best for you, because the older you get the more you realise that you can give others awesome advice but you need more guidance yourself than you always realise

    • But even the advice and thinking of so-called Moderators is flawed. Its just other peoples opinions and we know what we think of that from our experience on this site?

  • So true. Half the time those so called fonts of wisdom don't know jack shit.

  • There has to be some type of order, so the moderator was born. They police the site because some members on the streets of GAG can be cruel, they hide in the shadows with dark intentions and pop as anon.

    • Our world is only 'order'. You plant an apple seed, you get an apple tree. You give shit, you get it back tenfold.

  • Unfortunately, moderation is necessary because we simply can't always depend on people to act like adults and use the site for that which it was intended.
    If you notice a post was removed and you're not sure why, never hesitate to ask about it - I'll never mind looking into it and giving further explanation, if necessary.

    We want G@G to be an honest, but fun and safe environment for everyone. To keep that mission alive, moderators help us take out the trash.

    The guidelines -
    FAQ (includes posting guidelines) -

    I'm always here if you have any questions ^_^

  • Not all the time, I noticed this guy who keeps posting the same question but worded abit differently each time. It is so obvious he is trolling just to seek a woman to say he's cute or good looking. I don't think he is seeking help here but just complaining the whole idea of him not having a good looking body is his curse for life. So is he going to finally learn he has to stop asking and start doing something in his life for once without anyone validating it for him, noooooo wayyy.


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  • A lot of sites have mods. This site has its interests and asks people who it has found reliable to enforce specific rules that further those interests.

  • I think I get where you're going. A minimum set of rules without imposing or oppressing if I'm not mistaken. Just like we had the perfect constitution. Then along came those with their attorneys who were determined to mess it up and until it because ignored altogether.

    • In freedom every step forward you take, you weigh up the consequebces of your action. Our lives should be the same. No one will tell you how much you can abuse me. I will decide so next time you will know.

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    • Pls see my comment below starting with Perhaps

  • Well, someone has to take up the responsibility of cleaning the garbage. And those people turn out to be the moderators and admins. A world without authority would be totally messed up. People will begin to make their own rules and rampage freely without fear. Fear is what that disciplines us.

    • You stick your hand in the lion's cage it will get bitten off. Isn't that enough to act as a moderator?

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    • Perhaps it would help you to know that your behaviour is already subject to universal laws which you can't escape. When you know these laws and perfect your behaviour then you are free of their consequences. While your behaviour is prone to your whims you need to be in fear of these laws. The trick is learning the laws.

    • I already know it... It seems that you're contradicting your arguments by introducing obvious points...