Who are some of your favorite GaG users?

Name some of your favorite GaG users. I said some because some cn't choose only one.


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  • My favorites are in no particular order:

    xHoneyxBeex because awesome can't even touch her and she is sooo sweet and supportive to everyone :)

    Sparrow24 because she is goofy and funny like me and she has the patience for all the gagers so kudos :)

    PLLFan21 because she has talked to me for a lonngg time and we have had many fun and interesting convos :)

    chocolateismylover <3 because she's my crusher and she is CHILL and funny :)

    harikara because me and her trade music and voices and she is so badass like a badass

    eHeart95 because she is my critic of everything I do and we all need a critic -_- HAHA jk she is a cool person to know :)

    JustBanANNAs because she is cool as hell and she is Aussie so every thing she says I read in that outback steakhouse guy's voice

    Thats not all but I dont want to fill up the whole guy's column, lol


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