Getting frustrated when people comment irrelevant things on your questions? Why?

Who else gets annoyed when you ask a question and there's always those people who comment something that has nothing to do with your question or is clearly unhelpful?

For example -

Questions aimed at guys - women answer.

Facebook questions - people who dont use or don't have Facebook will comment that on the question.

Genuine life questions - people answer stupid things.

It's starting to irritate me a bit as I'm here to learn and be helpful and it just seems like there are a lot of people so desperate to chat they just talk shit.

Ladies, I appreciate your opinions and if I have a question for women I do state that. Thing is I am a woman and I'm more focused on understanding the male mind then our own.

Who else gets irritated with this? Pet hates on GaG?


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  • I had a blueberry muffin and a glass of OJ for breakfast.

    What about you guys?

    • I kid. ;-)

      I know what you mean. I think it happens because people just like their opinion to be heard, whether it's within the Askers interests or not.

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    • I had oatmeal boring really

    • Hahaha I knew this would happen but I'm not irritated. I knew this sort of question would guage that response.

      As for me, I am yet to have brekky! ;)

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  • Why get frustrated with that, just look over the unwanted material. if girls are replying just think of it as keeping you Q&A alive because it might die without them

  • It's annoying for sure. If it's seriously irrelevant to your question, report it as nonsense.

    • Can't blame them. Mothers day is coming, what better way to celebrate than giving mothers girlsaskguys t-shirts!

  • It annoys me too. Or when you ask a simple health question and someone ALWAYS answers with "go to a doctor immediately. "

    • Well sometimes people ask things like, "my ear is bleeding and I'm blind one eye, do I have cancer?" Or something else very serious. Aaaaaand, I'm not a doctor nor is anyone else here (well there could be one but unlikely) so the asker should see a doctor. Just looking out for their well being :) But yeah, simple questions don't usually warrant a "go to the doctor"

    • True true.