Why are some of the topics now missing?

Why are some of the regular topic choices to ask your question under now missing?


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  • I kinda see what is going on.

    I am pretty sad that some topics were removed. I was like WTF? WHY? At first. But now it seems very logical.

    Some topics (for example, make-up) I never even touched. Also, the topic categories were sometimes duplicate. Did we REALLY need Health, Fitness and Exercise AND Weight and Diet? Not really. While I liked the idea of MOAR categories, they didn't do it proper when the site was given a makeover (I want an "Auto" category, dammit!). Luckily they condensed it so I wouldn't have to open up 20 different tabs to answer questions sorta similar and skin through the exact same questions on multiple topics.

    A little warning would have been nice though, and they should've still kept the 3 topic organization in my opinion (what if someone has a question that applies to sexual behavior AND sexual health? Huh, GaG? HUH?).

    Oh wells.

    • Also, they took the Tech, music, messaging, partying, books, internet and a couple other "other" categories. WTF? Now the "Other" topic will be CLUTTERED AS F**k like it was b4 the makeover!!! :(((((

    • See i liked the make-up category ha but i'm a girl and a cosmetologist so that'll explain it. but i get that some of the other topics were repeats so i guess that makes sense.


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  • I just noticed it too. No idea. I guess they figured it wasn't to their liking.

  • I don't know, I especially miss the one called gender differences because that is basically what this site is about lol


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  • they changed it i just found out, so sad! they need to change the little side note that tells to pick 3 topics, if they are only allowing one now :(

    Sad about it? Yes
    It seems like they just combined a bunch of topics into one of the other relating topics...