I'm scared for this guy I've been hanging out with to meet my sister because she's prettier than me. Is this irrational?

Am I just being an idiot or is it normal to feel this way?


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  • That would be horrible, but no I say introduce him if he leaves you for her that just shows he's an asshole.


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  • He might think you are prettier than your sister. Just because you think she's prettier doesn't mean he does.

  • This is totally reasonable. You are smart lol.


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  • I mean if he leaves you for your sister he's a douche bag and hopefully she's not a grimy ass person an won't do that to you... Honestly if it does happen you deserve someone better who likes/loves you for you & not how you look!

    • My sister would never.

  • There's always going to be someone prettier than you, and your boyfriend will notice- but beauty isn't everything. Your boyfriend likes you for more than what you look like. If he were to try to leave you every time he saw a prettier girl, he'd be one very busy and very discontent man. Not to mention a douchelord lol. I wouldn't worry.

    • He's not my boyfriend.

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    • No idea we just fool around and stuff.

    • Hm. It's hard to say then, if you're not sure if there are any emotional ties on his part yet. But you can't live in fear that any guy you start talking to will turn their focus to your sister every time they meet her. If he ends up going for her, so be it. He may even think you're the prettier one.