Is this new format of GaG actually putting you off signing in?

It is for me anyway.

All these changes are just getting really annoying.

When i first joined, this site was a pleasurable experience for me. With the first format change, i was kinda annoyed, but then got used to it.

Now it's just pissing me off… i know people will say its just a site and stuff but I don't know y its affecting me lol.

does anyone else feel this way?

  • yeh i feel ya, i really want the old GaG back=/
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  • it's not that bad, you'll get used to it.
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  • I think all these windows that open for every action is insanity.


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What Guys Said 6

  • ha ha ha ha that's called 'comfort zone' we get used to something and begin liking it thus getting into a comfort zone i.e. fixation too.

    It's only human to resist change which is exactly what happened to a lot of us when GAG changed the first time and now again :)

    There really is nothing uncomfortable about this change too I think except that it opens up a new tab everytime you click on something lol which again is not that much of a bother I guess.

    However, one thing is for sure that a lot of new and good features are being introduced, recommendations being taken into consideration which is laudable :)

    Too much aesthetic change is amusing me alright like I'd liked the side by side girls & guys opinions rather than having to scroll lengths but seems GAG has reverted to the older format to keep some users happy lol and they are complaining again lololol - cute :D

  • I realize the old classic design was showing its age. Even so, this new and ever-evolving format is very confusing to navigate. I liked having a left side for girls' comments and a right side for the guys. Now, they're back to one on top and the other on the bottom. (No innuendo intended.) I'm not ready to quit, but I feel it'll be tough for them to find a design everyone likes.

    • same.
      thats true. i just think less is more with this site.

  • The thing the bugs me the most is the answers are not side by side any more, but I think I could get used to it.

    • yeh same here. i dont think i could anymore lol. it worked before when the site was older but now its harder. I'm weird:P

    • If that fixed that I would be mine with the other changes.

  • Ya it irks me.

  • They went from buggy but world class to buggy and poverty grade.

  • it's always bad, this is what happens when u get an overly dedicated team... DUH, look at congress!


What Girls Said 2

  • Not so much the format as all the crap they're letting slide currently. Maybe they should focus on regulating some more things/behavior and making this a little less ridiculous rather than making awful designs. The tabs are driving me nuts, though:)

    I'm just about finished with G@G.

    • I just can't believe GAG would let a valuable and beloved member like you go, before doing something about those Xper snatchers who contribute zero value to the site and turn it into a joke.

    • that is a good point=/ the tabs are killing me too lol!

      hmm… dont leave bubbie! but i get what u mean… sometimes i dont feel bothered coming on here now.

  • I'm so irritated, I've even contemplated quitting the site...