2 days after the GAG Update what happened? (Clink link for the drama)

May 21,2014, An update was Implemented.Everybody was confused, Shocked!, and screamed by the sudden changes on a Lay out.

Because of this Some of Them Go Berserk.

Go Commando.

Mesonfielde, was against it and shoot everybody with his links.

But SAVES rise at the TOP and stand like an ALPHA FEMALE with her infamous phrase "DEEPER THAN MARIANA TRENCH"

So 2days after the update.
What is your opinion now?

  • I Hated it until now.
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  • Im good, getting used to it.
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  • 100% creativity for the Asker
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  • I'm kinda getting used to the tab closing thing, but I have 4 tabs open again, even though I technically need 1 right now. Also, I'm still reading only opinions on my questions, but lazy to ass myself on other answers because of the scrolling and the lack of easy comparison. I hate it to shreds!

    I think the best way of doing things would be sending direct messages to http://www.girlsaskguys.com/user/girlsaskguys asking them to revert the changes, they might not get the idea from the 7 polls we made.

    • I shall now make my post more qualified to be MH by posting the other polls related to how much the new layout was initially hated, and still probably is:
      - .../girlsaskguys/q1025871-who-the-hell-comes-up-with-the-design-concepts-on-this-website

      - .../girlsaskguys/q1025857-why-in-the-world-would-gag-change-the-side-by-side-gender-opinions

      - .../www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1025861-gag-recent-update-you-like-like-it-or-nah

      - .../girlsaskguys/q1026284-anyone-else-hate-the-new-style-of-gag

    • I'm the Asker of other question "like it or nah"...

    • Yeah it's still shit. :P

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  • ha ha ha ha it's not all that bad, it's our opinion, fixations & comfort zone that lead us to be averse to change. I find it ok and GAG keeps metamorphosing that I think is a great thing. Guess they'll keep changing till it comes to a point where everyone's comfortable :)

    Ofcourse not everyone can be made happy no matter how perfect things are - perfection & comfort again is a perception ;)

    • haha love the effort buddy?

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    • i called it PnP, Propaganda and Politics + creativity. :)
      How are you partner?

    • ha ha THAT is creativity itself ;)

      I'm doing fine, about to address 200 odd well placed professionals (country heads & above) & entrepreneurs on a subject I know very little & close to nothing about lol NOW that's excitement ;) Been good at extempore so far - let's c how this goes on Monday lol

  • I hate the drama much more than I hate the changes.

    Seriously, I understand where people are coming from (I really, really do, as I dislike pretty much every change that has occurred as well), but after a while the whining just gets irritating.

    • At first it felt like they were growing on their own lol. The top bar having no zoom scaling makes it really hard to use a tablet too. I can't click on notifications unless I'm zoomed all the way out but then it's hard to click. I'm wondering if the designer realized this.

  • I have a hard time believing the tab breeding will last. It's so bad it feels like a bug. I'm surprised it was intentional.

    • Not gonna lie, I laughed at "tab breeding". Maybe even too much.

  • I love trying new stuff and generally like changes on websites or other software.

    However this doesn't mean i can spot downgrades with ease.
    The new tabs thing is annoying but the new layout also seems unfinished.
    This is because it looks like all they did was turn the top bar background to blue without editing the other icons to match it. Also the user menu's black doesn't seem to fit the grey and blue of everything else.

    • After i posted it i also noticed the downgrade in screen space usage.
      Why do i have to scroll down to get to the guys opinions? Side by side was really nice on a PC.

  • are you inSAYAN? u mad bro this site looks well shaped now, it drives me to crazy power levels. Its hard to find specific topics and that could drive me over 9000 but its still a site I like to be part of

  • It's still shit. Especially On phones when you can only have 16 . And 4 of those tabs I keep fir other reasons. So I keep on have to deleting individually.

  • It's still shit.

  • People suck!!!

  • I still hate it, if it doesn't change I might leave. Fuck new tabs

  • I kinda don't care but just make up your damn mind on the layout. I hate when google changes things often too.

  • It still sucks almighty dick, but since there's exactly 0 fucks given by Admin, there's no point in complaining about it.

  • The new layout was just a way to distract people from the increase amount of points needed to get gift cards. Nothing more... Nothing less...

    • wow, new your opinion is very controversial.

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    • The ol "Shake 'n' Bake" ... Fake left and go right.

    • Exactly. The amount of points needed are through the roof! It took me over 3 years just to get the points I HAVE. Its like the only way to acquire points now is to spend every waking moment here. I can't do that, but I know some people do.