Can someone explain the disparity of the number of opnions given as listed in our profiles?

I have noticed that on our profiles it says "X [number of MH opinions] out of Y [number of total opinions]". Yet further down in the list the number of total opinions given is always much higher.

For instance, it says I have 71 MH out of 635 opinion, yet in the list it says my total opinions are 849.

Is this the anonymous answers that are not being considered in the calculation of the MH percentage? I find it very hard to believe that I have given 214 anonymous answers, it feels more like it was about 20 or so. Also, wouldn't this give away information about our anonymous activity and therefor be somewhat refuting the purpose of anonymity?

Any explanations?


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  • I think it's because they deleted those 214 questions from the site, but you still get credit for answering them. by the way you my 6,000 question answered ^_^

    • That sounds like a logical explanation indeed!

      And sorry, what was that about 6000 questions?

    • Oh, I'm your Nr. 6000! I feel honored! :D

    • I mean this is my 6,000th opinion for a question. Yeah I'm almost positive that's the case. I don't see another explanation.


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  • I have wondered this exact same thing!

    I guarantee you it has nothing to do with anonymous answers because my profile has this same problem, and I've NEVER answered any question anonymously.

  • I demand a recount!

  • Someone has asked this before, it's because the anonymous opinions are not included in one of the two...

    • This is impossible. As funkipunk has pointed out, he has never posted an anymous answer before and still has a disparity, and there's no way I have posted over 200 anonymous questions before. I think cavmanier's explanations is the most likely one.

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    • But you still like Belgian beer... I see this as a compliment haha.
      Always welcome :-)

    • Well, it tasted great. I just had a tad too much of an itch for it. :P

  • Maybe on those other question the asker (or the site) hasn't chosen the "Most Helpful" answer yet.

  • Maybe they're talking about comments on other people's answers.


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  • The comments on other people's answers and your own (not too sure) are also counted as your opinions.

    • Hmm. I doubt it's the comments, because usually people post FAR more comments than they post opinions.

  • To make the Most Helpful percentage more accurate, we're only counting the questions that have a Most Helpful opinion.
    So while you may have shared 849 opinions, only 635 are on questions that have a Most Helpful.
    Therefore, the questions that DO NOT have the MH don't count against your percentage, since you technically didn't "lose" there.

    I hope that makes sense ^_^

    • That totally makes sense, thanks! I would have given you MH, but it's too late...