What is this, too soon select MHO? How long do we have to wait to choose MH?

What is this too soon select MHO? How long do we have to wait to choose MH?


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  • I don't like it. An hour max should be the limit.


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  • I have seen a question go up and someone responds in a few minutes. Sometimes it is filled with misinformation, but says something the person asking likes, so it gets Most Helpful. A little later someone else points out a problem with the first answer and gives correct helpful advice. But most Helpful was already give to an opinion that it turns out was not even helpful at all because it was wrong.

    People come on and interact at different times. If I ask a question when I get home from work, half the world is asleep and will not be on for many hours. To get the best response, and judge which is actually best, I will wait at least a day, sometimes 3 or 4 days. The chances of getting a truly Most Helpful opinion are much better with more time.

    • What are you taking about? That's not what she asked

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    • I agree you have to wait a bit longer. But almost a day? If i am satisfied with the answer, i don't understand why should i wait.
      Now 'TOO SOON to SELECT MHO' sign appears, if you try to pick even within the same day.I find that useless.

    • It is your question... you can select when you want. But why select one you are just "satisfied" with? Why not give others the chance to respond and then pick the one that is really the "Most Helpful"?

  • No idea since I rarely ask questions. I choose a best answer after a few days up to a week.

  • to give another person a chance since you can't undo after you have already chosen one...because there might be other person/s who has more better opinion and well experience of that particular asked question!

  • I pick after 4days


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  • Well for me I usually like to leave the question up for a day or two before selecting.
    But I noticed lately that some people were annoyed because they couldn't pick right away anymore... I'm not sure what the time constraints are cause I always wait so long haha!!!

    • Usually , i have really difficulty to choose it. I finally found perfect MH and i couldn't make it Damn it! hahahaha LOL