How do I turn him on? We've been physically flirting for a few days an I feel like i'm the only one this is affecting?

Okay so I work with this guy, we're not exactly friends but we talk and physically flirt a lot (for fun) so we've kind of made a bet to see how far we would go before one us gives up, no limits. The problem is though i'm not attracted to him buuuuuut everytime he touches me my body reacts and I can't help it and when i touch him (rub his thigh, back, chest) i can't really tell if it's affecting him as much as it is me but u cn tell he feels uncomfortable and he just smiles (dunno if it's becoz he's turned on he just feels weird lol).What's a sure way to turn him on without touching his penis?


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  • call him up to come over and after he is there a few minutes go in your room strip have him close his eyes then stand in front of him tell him to open his eyes and see what he does

  • show him what you´ve got :D dress provocatively.


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