Why does it ask for your relationship status on here?

Why does it ask what ur relationship status is? Is this a dating site?


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  • it can be a dating place if you want it to be, anyone can meet someone anywhere


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  • I guess so that people can see if you are giving out biased opinions.

    Let's say for example that you had just broken up, well it probably would make you angry and extremely unfair on the opposite sex as a result. So you would effectively be giving out bad advice.

    Or maybe it is for site statistics?

    • I think they use google for the site statistics - they can work out what % of people use the website are married or not or w/e anyway

    • I use an anonymous email, not with gmail that has not been attached to google before, so I don't see how google could tell GAG about whether I am in a relationship or not if I don't state it. But as another guy said, it could be that GAG can be a kind of dating site, but I've only recently joined.

  • It lets you know who you can bang doe


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  • Just so people know where you're coming from I guess. A single persons advice on marriage is different to a married persons one, for example - or a divorced persons one :P same as age & gender I guess.

  • No it's not a dating site :) I don't know why they ask but being that a lot of questions on here are about relationships/dating etc, I suppose it could be relevant.

  • People sometimes like to know the kind of person they're getting advice from.
    Also, it's just to share a little about ourselves so that people know US better when trying to give us advice.