Do you think some users here confuse being blunt with being a bully?

I have noticed there are two types of blunt users here
- are direct and polite, give honest opinion and actually try to help the asker
- are direct and rude, try to bring the asker down and absolutely believe there perspective is higher.

Am I mistaken?

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  • Too blunt can be just an excuse to bully. If someone doesn't have something nice to say they shouldn't say it at all

    • There is a "middle ground" between the two...i feel im one of the few users that can strike that balance.

    • I agree with that. You have a lot of tact

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  • Yes, definitely. It is possible to be honest, yet kind as well. A person does not have to sugar coat everything they say but it's not hard to just re-phrase something or to say it in a different way in order to avoid causing drama and stepping on toes.

    Some users are just mean and hide behind the excuse of "being blunt." It just causes drama because if someone is rude, it doesn't matter if they're being honest or not, the QA is not going to listen to them.

    That being said, I have also seen some users complain of bullying where there isn't any. Sometimes people ARE just being a bit overly sensitive. It can be difficult to convey a point online when we obviously cannot hear the person's tone of voice. Sometimes people aren't being mean at all, the other person just takes it the wrong way.

    • I agree some are a bit too sensitive. I'm taking about certain "blunt" users, who resort to name calling and whatnots.

    • Yeah, that's definitely unnecessary. That's not being honest, it's just being hurtful.

  • Respect when communicating with others goes a long way. Being blunt is fine as long as you are respectful.

  • Yupp. There's way too many assholes here 😩😩😩😩😩

  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Yes. There's lots of that here.

  • Some of them are soo rude and with the figurative language support this situation.