Should GAG reinstall album and chat features?

albums and chats should be back, what do u say..also, the lost account retrieval is also a feature that should be on GAG..ur views?

why the heck they removed these features?


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  • 1. GAG is basically a site for questions and answers while it must remain that way. Anything that takes away focus from the primary intention must be avoided
    2. We still have the option of a profile pic which is good enough. No one is restricted from changing their pic every minute if they choose so :)
    3. The messaging system is like a chat and interactive so it's good enough
    4. GAG is not FB since we get Xpers to keep going level up. Also that there are terms since the beginning about gaining and losing Xpers
    5. Holding onto a dormant a/c takes up space that may not suit GAGs space computation (which ofcourse correlate to cost)
    6. GAG has introduced many extra features that consume space like now when we post links of a pic, we get to see a preview / play a video directly etc which are awesome (and at least I was about to ask a question to GAG on that by which time they incorporated it :D )
    7. I think what GAG has introduced far surpasses what they've negated. I do miss the 'note book' feature however :)


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  • I don't know or care about albums but I do want the chat feature to come back. It's helpful.

  • Chat feature yes they should, as for album feature, would probably make the site more costly do to the albums eating up server space.

  • Chat, yes.

    Albums? No, for data size conservation purposes.

  • of course they should. i mean messages are ok, but i much prefer chat


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