I'm in love with my friends with benefits :))?

I've been hanging out with my guy friend for six month's now and I'm madly in love with him. We were hanging out at his house a couple weeks ago and I asked him "if I fall will you catch me?" I know that was super corny lol. His answer: "I already did". I'm hoping he understood what I was asking lol.
I also told him I'm in love with him (via text) a week ago. He didn't reply back until later that night and he totally changed the subject.
Do you guys think I should tell him how I feel in person? Or should I not tell him and just see what happens? I'm 23 he's a couple years older than I


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  • First - don't ever tell someone you love them via text the first time. They can't judge your seriousness and you can't judge your reaction.

    Have a personal frank conversation. Either they feel the same or they don't. Be prepared to give up the benefits though if they don't.

    One person having fun and the other in love is not sustainable.

    • Question... Do you think it's easier for a guy to have a friends with benefits than and woman and if so, why is that?

    • Probably easier for a guy but that doesn't mean he can't feel the same thing.

      I wish you luck and the best. I really hope it works out.

      Either way you need to know if you are on the same path or swimming in different directions. The sooner the better. Kudos to you got recognizing your growing attraction.



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  • When a guy sees you as a friend with benefits it's pretty hard to make him change his mind. You got drafted to the team to play a certain role, play it or go to a different team cause it doesn't seem like he's interested.

    Tip: Never go for somebody who you're just friends with benefits with, it usually just ruins things, and if you feel like you can't handle casual sex w/o feelings, don't have it

  • He's not in love with you. He didn't want to hurt your feelings and jeopardize your sexual fling by rejecting you. So he changed the subject.

  • don't he didn't replayed and changed the subject after while so he didn't like what he read so just act normally and don't tell him again maybe in time he will love you

    • If he does not feel the same way it would have been easier for him to say so via text right? Because I would feel more comfortable rejecting someone im not interested in via text as opposed to telling them in person. Does anyone agree?

    • he do like your relation as it is so he didn't reject you he just changed the subject also he don't want to be in serious relation with you

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  • It seems he doesn't reciprocate the feeling given he changed the subject. You have already put yourself out there, so I would just continue on as you are and if something comes out of it great, if not you still have him as your friend.