Why do people ask such stupid questions that mean exactly what they say?

It's getting really annoying. Also, what's up with the generalizing? I'm so sick of people generalizing a race, culture, or religion.


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  • People are fairly stupid. No matter how smart anyone is, they're stupid in some way.

    What I try to do is point it out in an innocuous way. If they make a generalization, I point out that it might be a generalization and I'm not sure if that applies to everyone.

    There's a certain degree of tolerance you need to have around people. While people may be stupid, the logical course is to try and educate them, or, at least, present your own opposing view in a respectful and courteous manner. This, for me, usually means asking questions.

    For instance:

    Them: Women are so shallow. (Or: Men just want sex)
    Me: I don't know if all of them are shallow (or just want sex). You've never met any women (or men) who aren't?


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  • Anything in particular you're referring to?

    As to why people generalize, it's probably a leftover survival instinct. It was probably advantageous to early humans who saw a person keel over after being bitten by a snake to say "All snakes are dangerous." It's not hard to see how that would get translated into modern terms. Several crimes were committed by people who had tattoos? "All people who have tattoos are dangerous."

  • the questions on this site, are absolutely ridic. also, people like to generalize, to make it easy

  • I've already ranted enough about people not understanding generalizations, so I don't want to do it again.

    But basically, it's implied that there are exceptions to general rules, so all of the qualifiers should not be necessary, but they are necessary because of people like yourself.


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  • 1. Well some people just want to hear what they want
    2. People will always generalize because ignorance will always exist. I can say more regarding this but I'm off to bed

  • People want assurance in their conclusion, and for generalization its just what some people do