Guys if you have a strong connection with someone why end it?

This is what I dont understand if you have a strong connection with someone why the fuck end it an cause her so much pain?


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  • The world is so full of things we don't understand and there can be so many reasons :) Even if legit but unaccepted cause it can't be proven :)

    I am going through a similar situation. The connection is VERY STRONG and chemistry is great but there are factors that are making me & her rethink and these are IMPORTANT factors (can't and won't discuss them out here).

    It's not that I don't go through pain; I DO! but certain things have to be prioritized at some point of time.

    And I won't let the decision ever be one sided for sure.

    • Thank you young lady for your kind and thoughtful gesture of selecting an MH and thank you again for selecting my opinion the MH :) :) I wholly appreciate the gesture :)


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  • If he loves you, and you dont feel the same way, maybe its best in the long run if he ends the friendship. You cannot know how much it hurts to always be second best, always being around them but never being "with" the person you love. And being reminded of their new love interests but never able to make her happy in the way other guys can.

  • i dk, i saw some people on here ask if they should break up with someone they love. i was like, really?

  • Because she did something to hurt his feelings and he can't get over his stupid pride.

    He will regret it, later.

    Talking from experience...

  • Maybe she wants something that I can't give.
    Maybe i want something she can't give.

    Strong connections be damned, unrequited love is a bitch. And if one person isn't feeling it, it's better to walk away than stay around and be part of a wound that won't heal.


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