What is the point of following someone on GAG?

Why do you follow people on GAG? What is the point? Do you get special updates or something? I don't see any reason for it. Any thoughts? thanks


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  • In your live feed you have a filtering option for followed users. That way you can see what their current activity is.

    • Why did I get downvoted? I just explained how it works, there is nothing wrong about my explanation.

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    • My bad, the absence of a sense of irony, threw me.

    • I wasn't even participating in the discussion about what you said.

  • Following someone puts their activity in your "LiveFeed" specific to the category "Users I follow." so, if you like someone's answers, think they think they give good advice, or just think they're a cool person, you can follow them.

    If you go to your LiveFeed, you should see a drop down box where you can select what you would like to see. There is an option to choose "Users I follow." Also, some people only allow messages from users they follow. So, it serves several purposes.

  • Good question. So far I dont follow anyone.

  • You can filter your Live Feed by "Users I Follow" (this is actually what I do myself) so that you can see JUST the activity from the people you actually care to hear from/about.
    You can set that as your default filter, or just check it like that once in a while.

    Also, if you have a private profile, people YOU follow will be the only ones who can see your profile information and activity.
    And if you have the setting where only people you follow can message you, well... they will be the only ones.

    It's whatever you make of it.
    It's all about customizing your GAG experience, basically.

    For reference, this information can always be found in our FAQ :-)

    • Does the A stand for administrator? What does the s stand for? And is m moderator? How do you become a moderator?

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    • ...there's an "Articles I follow" filter, but people can't write articles anymore. What's that for?

    • There are still articles on the site that can be followed.

  • Because you like their advice to others


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  • Following someone enables you to utilize certain filtering features when using the Live Feed. It makes the experience much better in my opinion. :-)

    There's also an F.A.Q. that might help ya out, as it's easier and more efficient to just utilize that resource for things like this. Whoever wrote it did a great laying it all out, and it'll get you answers to these questions more quickly. :-)

    http://www.girlsaskguys.com/faq :-)

  • nothing really to me. only thing is if I need to message a person then I can just go to my follows list and find them quick

  • I've been wondering this very question. Now I know lol

  • Apparently it allows you to see private profiles, I haven't tried it yet though