Why do only 1 or 2 people ever answer my questions?

i have one question with 17 answers but rest is like 1 or 2, andthe one with 17 is the lenghthiest I made lol, it made no sense


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  • Because people use the Live Feed, and only questions that get everyone's attention get a bunch of answers.


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  • Put a pic of yourself and then see the magic :D

  • You ask too many questions, lol

    • I actually only ask once every other week except today where I asked two and this is the second one lol

  • Okay, so here is some reasons for me not to answer a question,

    1. Wall of text
    2. Seen the question a billion times the same day
    3. Advanced questions that I might not know the answer too
    4. Topics that's unintresting.

  • I would have to look at the questions you've asked to know. Some are not terribly conducive to discussion.

  • Maybe your not asking the right questions

  • 1. The longer you're on GAG, the more people recognize you (and, usually, the more people like you), which means more people will answer your questions.

    2. Get a non-generic profile pic.

    3. Maybe your name reminds people of Chairman Mao, lol.

    4. Maybe your questions are too long.

    5. Maybe your questions are ungrammatical, badly punctuated or otherwise unreadable.

    6. Maybe your questions are boring or repetitious.

    • 7. Non-anon questions usually get answers than anon questions, all other things being equal

    • 8. If you can, use polls, because polls get lots of responses usually

  • I hv asked 5 got 20+ in 3 and 10+ 1 and one was a poll.
    Most probably you ask boring/repeated questions.

  • You make a boring question, perhaps? One that has been seen many many times before?
    Or it's so difficult, only one or two felt like they could answer?
    Maybe you treat answerers really badly and have a reputation?


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  • questions are usually a hit or miss. It might be the time of day that you are posting them. I find evening are most active. It also depends how inventive your question is. Is it a common question, is it too serious maybe it is boring or asked too many times.

  • What kind if questions are you asking?
    Are they long?
    Are there paragraphs and correct spellings?
    Are the questions interesting?

  • maybe because the question had an obvious answer and the members of gag didn't want to spend their time answering a question which was already answered by the asker itself

  • Make sure to add a title that both interests readers and clearly defines your question, then check your spelling and grammar for any errors.

    Make sure to assign at least one topic to your question. Adding topics will connect you with the right members who are interested in that topic.

    Do NOT type your question in all CAPS and do NOT capitalize every word of your posts.

    Be specific about the question you are asking or advice you are seeking and give clear details about your situation so members can better help you but try to avoid making it so long it'll turn them off.

    Also, add details to your profile so that members can know a bit about you to advise you better.

    Share your opinions on other users' questions to increase the visibility of your profile. Having a unique profile picture to draw attention to your post never hurts.

    If you're going to include spoilers, please let the users know BEFORE you reveal the spoiler. We don't want anything ruined for anyone.

    You can also "feature" your question. Featured Questions are kept at the top of recent questions and in the Featured Question box on the homepage for 24 hours.

    This information can be found in our FAQ :-)

    • you sound like GaG when they send messages why they deleted my comments... now i fear you =))

    • Be afraid, be very afraid :-P