Why are you on here? How did you find this website? How do you like it?

Also have you made any friends on here? What are they like?


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  • I swear I was just thinking of asking that question earlier but I found this site because of googling a question about a guy that I was talking to and his behavior and a question similar to mine popped up I read it and it was not exactly what I was wanting to know I saw that I could sign up and ask my own personal question and so I did I've been on here for about 2+yrs now

    • lol same here... I was googling a question.

    • Yeah I've always wondered that! How did all these people discover such a site? Guess theyre in the same boat as us! Lol


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  • I started using this website because I have a crush on a guy and want to know how to make myself more appealing to him 😍

  • I found this site by accident. I'm here to just ask questions and give my opinions and help people. Yes, I have made friends here, one is a wolf and she's wicked smart, the other is a giant and he has awesome taste in music. (If you're reading this guys you know who you are :) ). So far I like GAG I guess, the site could do without the mindless PC zombies and horrible "Gurus" though. I mean if they're gurus shouldn't they be helpful? lol I don't see the point in them.

  • I originally joined GAG to ask a specific question about an awful break up I was going through 4 years ago.
    I found it by Googling something about break up advice, or men's perspective... something.
    I've always liked GAG, it was nice to find a place to express myself without worrying about it.
    I do have several friends here, a few REALLY good friends and they're amazing people that have made my life better.
    Now I work here too, so it's a win win.


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  • I found this site by Googling a question. Someone here asked the same question so this site showed up in the list of results. I like this site because I am happy to help people. I can also learn from other questions and answers. I have not met anyone on here. Just chatted shortly with a few users.

  • 1. I don't know.

    2. I don't... actually know.

    3. Well, I'm here, so...

    4. I'm sure I have. If nothing else I serve some amazing people.

    5. They are like cucumber salad. Delicious.