Do you think GaG should create a 'Rate Me' topic?

Do you think GaG should create a 'Rate Me' topic?

So, all of these rate me questions being asked are getting a little ridiculous. Everyday I see a few more pop up. I asked the admin about it, and they are thinking of creating a topic section just for those questions. I was wondering how everyone felt about this. Do you think GaG should enable such questions by creating a topic for them to be asked under?

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  • No, there should not be a 'Rate Me' topic section
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Personally, I am sick and tired or all the rate me questions. Rather than creating a topic for them, I think the admins should more closely monitor the questions and not allow these questions to be asked.


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  • Yes, then i can block that whole topic.


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  • Yes I totally agree.

    They actually preciously had something similar called Would You Date Me?
    You could post a pic, describe yourself, what you would do on the date, and get rated/comments from others.

    It was actually pretty cool I just think that they should've left it strictly to physical appearance though and let us change our pic.

    I wouldn't mind if they bought it back..
    I would definitely be a sure fire way for everyone to get rated and for the people that are annoyed by it to avoid the question.

    • Not bringing back the Reality Check section, simply creating a Topic for those questions specifically... meaning if someone didn't want to see those, they could block the topic altogether.

    • Oh okay I get it.

  • No. Most people exaggerate anyways and give way too high ratings.

    • I know right. I be seeing some ugly girls with no body getting 9 and 10s. people exaggerate with the rating. I'm blunt, imma say it like it is only if you ask want honesty and you're over 18 years old

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    • So are you guys considering bringing it back? And if you do the whole date thing should be left out and strictly looks. That's basically what everyone is asking anyway.

      Oh and GAG should allow us to change the pic instead of deleting the whole thing and starting over.

  • No that is annoying.


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  • I agree. there should be rate me section so normal people whon't have to see them all the time.

    This isn't a dating site.

  • Yes G@G should have a rate me topic so all the G@Gers sick and tired of seeing rate me questions, can hide those questions by hading the rate me topic.

  • There would be so many posts/re-posts and imagine the trolls. It seems like a good idea, but then again, I'm not so sure