A question to those GAGers who hardly seek or give advice on GAG--what is your purpose for asking questions on this site?

What is your purpose for asking questions on GAG? This question is for those GAGers who hardly seek or give advice on GAG.
Just asking out of curiosity if you would like to share. Thanks.


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  • I rarely ask personal questions anymore.
    I used to, I used to ask about my relationships and my dating experiences, but I haven't had either in a while so there's nothing to ask about there now.

    Now, I simply ask random questions, usually. Either about preferences, or human behavior... maybe just random incidents or coincidences in life.


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  • I came here to become a famous internet playa on social media sites. Are u interested in fulfilling ma goals for meh ma pingju?

    • Be yourself and you would be happier :)

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    • Yes, be yourself :)

    • U got it! B)

  • I guess to just learn more about dating and relationships. I am still new to the site, so I haven't answered many questions compared to some of the regulars.

  • understand girls behavior as they are so freaking weird strange mysterious and everything that bothers the mind


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  • is to find out or understand. there are many questions in my head that i usually go on bing but didn't find the anwers helpful and this is how i got here. while looking i couldnt help but answer some questions and turned out i was helpful lol so for me goes both ways to get help and be helpful if that makes sense =)

  • Sometimes I skip over a lot of questions just because of how frequently its asked. Or sometimes the question is just so... eh. Like for example: Does him seeing me in my underwear turn him on? Not trying to be mean but, I can only answer that question so many times ya know. I let someone else answer instead. I hardly ever ask questions because when I type them out and really read what I wrote. I usually answer my own questions so I never submit them *shrug*.