How do you feel about the more specific time stamp on your profile?

I just noticed that our profiles now state how many hours ago we were active on the site, so for me, it says <1 hr.

Why is there a time stamp to begin with? Does anyone even care about that information?


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  • I hadn't even paid attention to that, lol. More big brother watching you.


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  • It's fairly unimportant, but I suppose if someone were trying to message you and you didn't respond they could look and see "oh, that person hasn't been on in an hour, ok"

    • Hmmm, I guess so... I just think it's unnecessary. Not sure why out of all the changes that could have been made... that one got chosen lol.

  • Haha, upon first reading this I saw "how do you feel about the more specific tramp stamp on your profile?"

    Me: "fuck, I thought I took that bitch dowwwwwwwwn!!!"

    Seriously though, I didn't notice til now. I'm neutral and it, I guess (even the certainty of my own neutrality is in question, thus reinforcing my apathy, haha).

    I'm trying to think of ways that this would bug me, and I can't think of any. I guess it could throw some fuel on the fire if people were stalking me (I'm imagining messages in my inbox saying "I know you got my messages... I know you're there... you're activity says that you are!!! Respond respond respond!!") but I don't have any of those.

  • WOW GAG started that. Cool, I was wondering about that a few days ago but am lax with asking questions lol

    I thought it'd be better if GAG showed it the way you described than in days. Good, I like this :) :)

    • I don't like it! I feel it's too much lol

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    • Stalking people? :P

    • lol nopes not for me to view people, it's for those I converse with or especially those who I'm conversing on opinion comments with which is at times pretty serious for them and I've to leave suddenly. Then they know at least when I was last online just in case I'm unable to state that I gotta leave :)

  • I don't bother... I'm more or less on here every day for at least 30 min or so. If people want to use the time stamp to see I'm probably online and message me, no problem.
    But if I would miss it? Njep, not either. So my opinion towards it is very neutral!

  • It's useful when you want to see when was the last time EiffelGirl21 or Toulouse were hanging around the site and how long it's been since the person you are responding to has left.

  • I have nothing aganist it even tho I don't even pay attention/use that feature. I guess it could be useful if you message someone and thay don't reply you could see if they where active after the message was sent.

  • This used to be a thing back in the day and I really dont have an issue with it being brought back honestly.


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  • I think it's a pretty useful thing if you're trying to contact someone. You'll know if there's a possibility that they've seen your message or not, depending on what the time stamp says. It's also a pretty good indicator of how active the user is/might be.

  • Just like with questions/opinions/comments, you can see a time stamp for GAGers as well.
    Why do we have it?
    Well, why not?
    If everything else has a time stamp, why not give GAGers a time stamp so that people know when they've been on; perhaps for conversational purposes, perhaps for question/opinion purposes, etc.
    This is more like how it used to be as well.

    • Did you fix my question update? :p THANK YOU Miss Sparrow! :D
      I guess I thought the day update thingy was as specific as it needed to be... As Shaggy51050 said, it seems a bit... big brother-esque... lol.

    • It would be nice if we could choose to share some of these as optional.

    • I did :-)

      I don't really know what to say if you're not wanting people to know you're on, they're gonna know regardless, so... haha!

      That information is not shown if you have a private profile. So it is optional.
      If you're private, it'll only show to those GAGers you are following, no one else.