How popular are articles on GirlsAskGuys?

Do you ever read them or write them or can you simply not be bothered with them?


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  • Featured articles were fairly popular when they were around, actually. There was a rating system for it and everything, it was pretty useful. 5 star articles used to be pretty smart. But they switched to the new design for the sake of change, and made everything completely white, added like 35 topics instead of the original 6, decreased Xper rewards, removed stories, removed ratings on questions, removed reality check, removed chat, and most of the new "updates" where they aren't just messing things up they are just recreating functionalities this site used to have.

    • Also, they kinda aren't really advertised as an option. Most likely because you cannot write them at the moment.

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    • Chat was provided by Meebo, which was purchased by Google and we were no longer able to utilize it.

    • I'm pretty sure they'll make the option available at some point, considering the 'relationship experts' have access to it too :D


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  • Those exist?

    • haha.. I guess that answers my question then.

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    • A bit of both actually. Lol I seriously didn't know and so that probably means they aren't too popular.

    • They used to be more popular when people could write Stories and if the mods liked it then it became a featured article. Now that you cannot write them, nobody really knows about them.

  • We're currently not accepting new article submissions, but we will again in the future and will keep you guys updated on that.
    As for how popular they are, that really depends on the topic and the article itself.
    Some are very popular, still being commented on and discussed today (months, sometimes years, after being written).
    For those who haven't seen any, they can be found by going to QUESTIONS at the top, clicking By Topic.
    Once there, select a topic... then click Articles from the topic page.


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  • They were popular when i first got here. Since we currently can't write them I don't pay much attention that side

    • Oh ok do you know why we currently can't write them?

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    • GAG had some major updates at the beginning of the year. A lot of changes have been made and continue to be made. Writing articles among other things did not make the first round cuts. I've heard here and there that Article returns are in the pipeline.

    • Oh ok, I was not on this site before this year so have no idea what it use to be like.

  • tl;dr

    sums up anything besides questions on this site.