Why do people have to have long details to questions?

if people have questions with too much detail i won't read it i will either troll the question ignore it and press the back button


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  • Well, as a long winded guy, I'd say it's because the question isn't cut and dry and there are vital details that need to be explained in order to get a valid opinion. It's the difference between "me and my gf are having problems, should I break up with her?" with very little info, and "me and my gf are having problems, should I break up with her?", followed by "we have a problem in the area of X, Y , or Z, this has a history to it, there are circumstances surrounding, etc, etc." if you don't want to read all of it, that's cool, but there's no need to troll anyone. This sure exists to ask honest questions, and while there's room to have fun, it's supposed to be about advice. It sounds like you have no interest in helping anyone. That's fine too, but I just don't understand the need to mess with someone in some way just because they're question is complex.

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    • lol are you on your phone or something? also i don't mind helping people i just refuse to read the long ones and i am not the only one who feels this way I've noticed the long detailed questions only get two or three answers while short ones get the most

    • Yeah, definitely on my phone. Touchscreen typing is a new trick this old dog can't seem to learn. Ignoring is fine like I said, I just don't see the need to troll anyone over it. For some people it's just too many words, not enough pictures. And as a question asker I guess you need to bear that in mind and try to be concise as possible while still including the necessary details.


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  • Because it is often necessary to give complete details, in order to make the question clear and unambiguous. Most of my questions, as well as answers are quite detailed. I sometimes wonder if people who don't have the time or patience to read long question descriptions (which anyway can't exceed 2000 characters on GAG), have ever had the time to read novels with 100s of pages.


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  • i always keep things short and sweet ♡

  • Some situations require more detail than others, of course.
    To give the best possible advice, people often need to understand the situation and its context in its entirety.
    Without the details, sometimes the advice is pointless and/or redundant.