Do your followers on GAG match up with who you follow? And about how big is the difference? Do you actually know them?

Do you even know majority of the people following you or are you wondering who is this and when did they follow me?

As for the people that you follow back that are following you do you honestly know them or is it more like they added you so you added them?

(feel free to skip)

I think it's safe to say I don't know majority of the people that are following me or that I'm following back don't really keep in contact I'm pretty sure most of the people I follow are friends I made before GAG changed it from friends to follows.

I'm following 98 GAG members
135 GAG members are following me
With that being said I'm aware that 37 people that I don't know are following me... Not including the people I'm following but can't remember.

What about you?

And yes obviously we don't actually know majority if any people we're friends with on GAG.

But i mean Know Of or aware of them, keep in contact/associate with them.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Some of my follows I know while the rest I followed cause they followed me first or I followed them first cause they sounded cool/interesting.


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  • I have more followers then I follow.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I usually ask their permission first , if I can follow them?
    I usually add people I know here and who provide thoughtful answers on here.
    As for the people I don't know follows me, well I think they might find my answers/questions interesting.

  • Mine are only close because I added a lot of people people the site changed... All of your old GAG friends ended up being converted into "mutual follows" from the looks of it.

  • I haven't been tracking my follows recently... I follow people I think are awesome. :)

    • I follow a lot of people so I prolly have more "follows" than "followers "

What Girls Said 3

  • Followers= 172

    The users I am following are people I see posting quite often, most are long-term users, and people I have spoken with multiple times so yes, i would say I "know" them in a sense. I only regularly message about 4 of them though.

  • I have no followers on GAG lol

    • Put your real pic and then see the magic lmao!!! xD

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    • Well i didn't see the pic of the cat but i see you took Dante's advice and posted one of yourself.

      Any follows yet?

    • Lol well actually I forgot that my profile is private. XD

  • I am following 29 with 185 following me, so there's a big difference there.
    I know several of those I'm following fairly well, yeah... I talk to most of them in some way with some regularity.
    Some, I talk to all the time and know VERY well :-)