GAG advertising a relationship expert for this site?

Great idea! Too many people including me who give smart ass opinions which may actually confuse the "asker" instead of help them

I also think that a confirmed "expert" should have there text show up as a different color like green or something so their opinions stand out and so people will treat them with some respect.

Do you agree that that GaG needs more experts helping us out with our questions?


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  • Yeah, I think it's cool. Most of the users here are just average people with no expert knowledge other than our own experiences so I think it's great that there is an actual expert here now to help people with relationships :)

    • We definitely need to keep our opinions also so there is a wide range of people speaking from experience

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    • I know I was agreeing with you

    • Oh okay, I misunderstood then. My apologies. But yes, personal experiences are good but I think the expert may help people a lot too:)

  • Green text for experts. I like it!

  • Yeah I think it's great to have an expert opinion, among ours because we speak subjectively or from experience, which may confuse the asker since there are different points of view. Doesn't mean we should stop answering though :D

  • Their opinions are highlighted as an expert opinion, of course... we're excited to see who's helped :-)


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  • "Ask your Question: Get opinions from the opposite sex!"
    The operative word being "opinions" - not definitive factual answers. Everyone's opinion is equally valid.
    Plus, the whole idea of a "relationship expert" seems like a contradiction in terms - either you've been in loads of relationships, in which case you probably suck at it; or you've been in just a couple, in which case you don't have the breadth of experience to be offering "expert" advice.

    • Exactly, the experts will give their more informed opinion also

  • I really wished Dr Gary Chapman was pulled into this site to give expert r/s advice. He truly understands about r/s more than anyone on this site. You will know if you have perused his book, "The 5 love languages".

  • Eh I'm not too sure honestly. There's some good and bad with this.
    Good: can probably get some great advice
    Bad: define expert