How do I upload photos on gag?

Before gag made this huge upgrade I knew how now I only see how to change my avatar and not how to upload.


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  • Go to your profile and it says "update" right below your profile pic.

    • I did that tried uploading instead it puts it as my avatar and I also can't choose from the different avatars that are already on gag. Maybe its cos I'm using a phone I don't know but thanks anyway :)

    • Yes its probably because you're on mobile.

    • It's not cause she's on mobile, it cause gag removed the feature of uploading photos, now you can only upload photos as your avatar.

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  • They removed the feature of uploading multiple photos, now your only able to upload 1 photo for use as your avatar. You can't even choose your own default gag avatar anymore now it automatically chosen for you based on personality.

    • How lame thanks

    • I know but I guess it was done to save server space and make it more mobile friendly.

What Girls Said 1

  • The GAG provided avatar is based on what personality type you chose.
    If you choose Introverted Loner, for example, the avatar will be a girl with an umbrella.

    If you upload your own avatar, it'll show THAT rather than the GAG one, of course, but there are no options to upload additional photos.