Should GAG allow users to speak about each other to promote the sense of community?

Instead of what we have now, where your comments get removed if you talk about anyone, which is stupid.

Back when we were allowed to talk to each other, everyone knew each other pretty well, and it was great.

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  • What I think GAG needs is better filters on comments where someone mentions another user's name. Is it really antagonizing? Or is it all just friendly banter?

    I once wrote "message me (username), I can't message you" and it got removed for antagonizing. WHAT THE FUCK? And the people who removed this comment won't even admit that they've made a mistake by removing a comment that's not worthy of being removed.

    I think the admins should realise that they're not gods, that they're humans too, who do make mistakes sometimes.

    • When conversations blow up, it's much more efficient to remove everything rather than pick and choose individual posts to keep up, even when they no longer make sense within the thread.
      This is why that was removed, and that was explained to you before. :)

    • there was another comment in that thread of comment that clearly had a more antagonizing tone than my comment asking this user to message me. And somehow, that comment wasn't removed. And you didn't explain that one.


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  • Users are allowed to speak about each other. Only negative comments are not allowed. As DodgersGM already mentioned, this can be found in the posting guidelines in the FAQ.

  • I think it would be cool if you could tag a user in your comment (like how on Facebook the name will be blue and that person gets a notification) because sometimes you come across something and you know that a certain user has experience in that area and you say something like "hey [username] you should check this question out" or something like that and that user will get a notification that they were tagged and then they could go check it out.

  • But then how would they avoid constant public badmouthing of users?

  • We do allow GAGers to mention each other and talk to each other, of course :-)
    We don't want you guys talking badly of GAGers though, badly of them or to them.
    We did have a GAGer question ban for a while, because the site was flooded with them, less REAL content, but that ban has been lifted... however we're already seeing the quick flood again, so we'd appreciate it if people would be mindful of that and not repeat GAGer questions they saw asked just a week ago.
    We simply prefer people use the site to get opinions and advice on OTHER things as well, not JUST to talk about each other.

  • I agree with Yadda. Yea, an internet popularity contest is the perfect word for it haha look around the questions that are being asked now "who's your favorite?" "who's the funniest?" the same people are being brought up every time which makes other users feel left out
    doesn't bother me either way because i will never meet these people haha so to each is own.

  • If we were allowed to do that, I think there would a lot of shit talk - like high school.
    And most of my comments gets deleted anyways-.-'

    • There already is a lot of shit talking, it just happens in the messages instead of the answers and comments.

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  • They do let people talk about each other; they just don't allow disparaging remarks about other users.

    From the FAQ (seen here:

    "Member Posts -- We do NOT allow members to talk negatively of other GAGers in posts. If you have issues with a member, do not post questions/opinions/comments regarding the member. For example, "She was banned!" or "I'm glad he's gone!" "I wish she would leave GAG!" "He's a jerk!" will all be removed"

  • I can't see anything productive about an internet popularity contest.

    • Why do you assume it would become a popularity contest?

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    • Again, who wants to be in that petty internet bullshit?

    • Ok dude, nvm.

  • As long as you make a happy comment about someone your golden.