What is the weirdest question you've ever seen on GAG and did you answer it?

Pretty straight forward on this one I think. Since becoming a member I've seen a couple funny bunnies scrolling around and wondered what others were out there I hadn't seen. I wondered if anyone else took the time to answer them or thought-no just too weird! :D Have fun with this one :)


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  • Probably the question asked a few days ago by a man, he was asking why women don't pee standing up like men do. Lol And yes, I did answer it.

    • Had a friend growing up who thought girls peed out of their butt lol

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    • @sirspauldo omg, now that's just sad. Lol
      @jswag yes... I don't know if he was trolling, lied about his age, or simply always went through life thinking women pee like men. Haha!

    • Thanks for MH:)


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  • About two weeks ago, this 30 year old guy asked if it was okay if he got breastfed by his aunt. Pretty weird O. o
    The question got deleted sadly. I asked the same queation as you about a week ago also lol. Feel free to check that out under my questions.

  • every question from hotstudlovercupcake was weird and funny. but one of the funniest I saw was:

    girls if you caught your father masturbating would you continue watching until he finished?

  • Its usually about the cuties strip teasing us horny guys wif a cheesy question...

  • some girl asked if shitting herself during sex is normal. i said god no and thats disgusting


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