What happened to my question?

I am EXTREMELY p*ssed off, because I just wasted my life typing this extremely long story to get advice, and the damn thing just disappeared! What the hell happened? I clicked "Submit Question" like you're supposed to do!


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  • Unfortunately, this sometimes happens when rendering exceptionally long queries. I understand your irritation, as when it first happened to me, my rage moved me to arm myself to the teeth, and terrify the entire lunchtime population of the local McDonald's. Several arraignments later, I came to understand my reaction was perhaps a bit overwrought, and I now settle for more tempered objections. Try taking deep breaths and destroying your furniture.

    • Yeah, yeah. real funny lol =P I wasn't THAT mad, just very irritated because it was a very very long post and I don't feel like re-writing it. =P

    • ; - ) Believe me, I know the feeling.

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  • Was it about sexuality? If it was you're under 18 and that's against the sites terms of use and someone reported it or the moderators saw it.

  • Probably a glitch on the site...had it happen to me as well-


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  • Yea if you are inactive on this site for a certain amount of time it will automatically log you off.

    What I do is if I notice that I've been typing for awhile, I'll use the copy action through my mouse and if it logs me off I'll just paste all my stuff and it won't be lost. This is why yahoo mail, MySpace, etc., automatically makes a draft of your mail now, so in case it logs off or you acidentally x out, your work will still be saved.

    Try copy and paste next time. Or find a simpler way to ask the same question.