What are your 3 steps to being a great GAGer?

I'm sure you all have your favourite users on here or have a style of etiquette you use ect. What do you feel is the 3 best traits used to make an awesome GAGer?

My list:
1. An open mind (There a lot of different identities here... don't be a snob lol)
2. Humor (We all know why, no explanation needed)
3. Conversational skills! (don't just respond to answers, add opinions too... as you would in real life. You could end up with a really cool convo that way haha)


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  • 1: don't laugh at other people's questions, how silly or different they can be (which is a bit like your "open mind" on 1), but there are trolls on here though...
    2: try to help them as much as you can
    3: don't bash other people's opinions, not everybody has the same opinion. That's why we're all here, to see things from other people's perspective.

  • Being as honest and as helpful as I Honestly can. Never Criticizing anyone else's Opinion, for everyone is entitled to their Own opnion. We are All here to help. And no mattter how busy I am, I always try and find time to answer alkl my messages from Following friends. Since I have been on GAG, I feel as though this is part of my life to be here for anyone who needs someone to be there for Them. I love you all... Thanks so much for making this all possible for me... xx

  • sounds like you've already provided my 3 steps lol

  • 1. Read the whole question before answering so that you can actually give the advice they need.
    2. Be king and genuine in your opinions, there's no need to pick on someone who is hurting already. (If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.)
    3. Don't make a joke out of everything, sure there are some instances when it is good but if someone asks about depression don't make fun of it or troll people.

  • I don't care if I'm a great gager lol.

  • Open minded.
    Don't be so sensitive.
    Remember Nothing is personal.
    Have a good sense of humor.
    If you don't like truth or rudeness don't ask questions.

  • Ask interesting q's that are not about obsessing the white race, small penis insecurities or fishing for compliments (e. g. Do white guys like shy petite, short Asian girls?)

  • I agree with you but I'd include being honest and tolerant. Ignoring the haters and trolls on here

  • I just joined LOL I'll follow your steps!


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  • 1. Constantly complain about the opposite gender. Good starting points are, "Why do all girls fuck bad guys?" or "Are all women gold diggers?"

    2. Make sure to create a Rate Me question every day. Make sure to never include a picture.

    3. Create a question thread, beginning with the question title, that is clearly not about asking a question, in fact, it doesn't even begin with any form of the popular 5 W's (Who, What, When, Where, Why). Make sure to type in all capitals, "MY GIRLFRIEND CHEATS ON ME EVERYDAY BUT I STILL LOVE HER?"

    Congratulations, you're now an everyday GAG'er. In order to be a GREAT GaG'er, follow these rules, but take them to the next level by increasing your frequency.

  • 1. Run
    2. Duck
    3. Cover

    Usually keeps me on my toes :D

  • I will give you tips to become popular. Although i never practice cause i cannot be diplomatic everytime and hence i freely criticize people whom i don't agree with. Always straightforward with my opinions even if it sounds arrogant and creating arguments with whom in don't agree at times.
    >Rule no.1
    Be a regular gager. Let your opinion be seen among people everyday and in most of the timeline. This would make most of regular gagers notice you. It would be easier if you have mobile.
    >Rule no 2.
    Never argue with any gager whatsoever..
    Be sweet or just ignore them. Don't argue even if their opinion sounds stupid. Most Gagers will notice arguments if you are seen few times. This can create bad impression.
    >Rule no 3
    Every opinion must be descriptive. If not every, then try doing it for most ( at least 600-1000 characters). Elaborate your thinking with Maximum words. Gagers will notice this if you are frequent.
    > Rule no4
    Also Try giving opinion to those questions effectively even if sounds boring or stupid.
    >Rule no 5
    Avoid criticising question askers. Like if a man or a woman are fucking with other guys or acting slutty or cheating with gf/bf and he/she is asking for thoughts then avoid such questions.
    In short... avoid such questions where you have to bitter.
    If you are giving generous advice cool mindedly in good number of words then it's good.
    >Rule no 6
    If you speak what people wants to hear, You would be given MH award. So always sound positive in your advice in every opinion.
    So during some long coarse of time... fellow gagers will notice you and time will come where you would be popular.

    • And yeah... with your 3 rules... you will ultimately become popular.
      Do have conversations with females nicely. Their votes does count while nomination of most popular gager.

    • Someone seems to have it down to a T
      Read Insaan's point 3 and 5, remember this people ok

    • May be my English is weak but i really didn't understood your reply. Lol

  • Ain't sure, but most of fellow GAGers seem 'lazy' to answer long but well-mannered structured questions lol

  • 1) Don't say "I'm a nice guy, but..."
    2) Don't ask "Rate me."
    3) Don't make a generalised statement and expect genuine results (E. g: "Why do all black men _____?")

  • 1. Tell everyone size does not matter.
    2. Give the girl a 10/10 rating on her ''rate me'' question.
    3. Give a sarcastic answer for someone to lol over.

    Or something like that :-). Actually One should be friendly, helpful and understand what the asker is going through.

  • 1. Honesty
    2. Truth, what people need to hear
    3. Humor

  • I'd change it to:

    1. Conform to prevailing ideas
    2. Humor
    3. Conversational skills

    • Its negative but I understand why you changed the first point

    • It is indeed a bit pessimistic, but I think it's a bit realistic as well. I've never had to "conform to prevailing ideas" here myself (I can usually acknowledge some kind of merit in opposing ideas), but I know that stating opinions that are in complete opposition to most isn't a great way of making friends.