Does GirlsAskGuys use bots/fake profiles to boost site activity?

I've noticed a lot of anonymous profiles of similar age range and low on Xper that keep posting questions which are rather repeated and many are pretty mundane or stupid. Many seem like filler really, when you spend some time answering questions and you see this stuff you wonder if these are genuine members non affiliated with the site or tools to boost activity. I mean, no questions, no posts right?

Thanks, just curious.

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What Girls Said 4

  • I never noticed that, I just thoight people went on anonymous when they didn't want people to know it's them

    • Agree there is good reason to be anon, but I also noticed "question style" and wondered as other site do use bots/fake profiles to boost activity.

    • I'll have to check it out thanks for pointing it out

  • They probably do. Gag has gone down hill fast. There's no sense of community anymore. Just a lot of people who don't like each other answering questions and arguing.

  • have you ever thought that sometimes people are just that stupid and pathetic?

  • No, I don't think so.


What Guys Said 3

  • I agree man not about the bot thing but they have to find some way to limit the same questions every 5 min, sometimes it gets so bad I just stop coming here.. I get tired of seeing the same penis questions over and over again.

    I really wish they would address this because they never look at the related questions.

  • I doubt it. It wouldn't be beneficial to the site to flood it with redundant and/or mundane topics.

    • Not necessarily a flood, but more questions boost activity and other sites freely admit to the practice.

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    • I believe in my moderator guidelines it said we're actually supposed to remove penis size questions as spam, haha.

    • lol... ... ...

  • Hi, my name is cleverbot.

    • Hi cleverbot, please stop posting questions I only want to answer real questions- thanks! lol

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    • Silly bot, error! error!! lol

    • Your a robot.